I cannot believe that tomorrow is already the first of December—how are the holidays already upon us? What I love most about this time of year is curling up indoors in a fuzzy blanket with a fantastic book and a hot mug of tea (or settling in by a warm fire for you lucky non-Manhattanites who have chimneys—I’m a New Hampshirite originally, and I miss my hometown fireplace terribly during NYC winters). I love watching snow fall out my twentieth-floor window while whatever happens to be on my Kindle transports me to someplace exotic and warm.

This holiday season, though, my Kindle is heating up with an entirely different type of sizzling read, like Logan Belle’s new novel, BETTIE PAGE PRESENTS: THE LIBRARIAN. I have to say, there’s something very comforting about reading books like THE LIBRARIAN or 50 SHADES OF GREY on an e-reader—the privacy my Kindle affords me is pretty liberating. No one has to know about my steamy subway read during a morning commute!

Sometimes I wonder if the recent boom in the popularity of erotica is due in some way to the increasing popularity and affordability of eReaders. I can’t be the only one who’s sometimes embarrassed to brandish a particularly risky book cover in a coffee shop or at a bus stop, right?

So, my fellow XOXO After Dark readers, what is your sizzling book of choice this holiday season?