Hello, PADawans! In the spirit of the season, the Pocket After Dark team decided to have a little fun with a kindergarten tradition: The Hand Turkey! In case not all of you remember this modern art (well, refrigerator art) technique, the Hand Turkey is created when you trace your hand, fingers splayed, and then add feet, a beak and a wattle. Voila! A beautiful “turkey.”

So, just for fun, we thought we’d show you the PAD Hand Turkey Gallery, and make a game of it. Can you match the turkey to the Pocket editor? Answers will be posted in my next blog, so make your best guesses in the comments–and feel free to post Hand Turkeys of your own!


1. turkey 1


2. turkey2   


3. turkey3


4. turkey4


5. turkey5


    6. turkey6


7. turkey7


8. turkey8




10. turkey10




A. JuliaF julia

B. MelissaG melissa

C. AyeletG ayelet

D. AlexL alex

E.  LaurenM lauren

F. MickiN micki

G. EmiliaP emilia

H. AdamW adam

I. AbbyZ abby

J. ParisaZ parisa