People in costumes.

New York Comic Con was last weekend and we rocked a booth this year. Sadly, I didn’t capture the people walking around as Predator, or the Ghostbusters, or the scantily clad cosplay girls. And the MILLIONS of Doctor Whos. (Seriously, you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting one. Not that I tried. Ahem.) But here’s a taste, in case you missed it this year and you’re looking to vicariously live through my NYCC experience (that’s me holding a sword to some stranger’s neck–no, I didn’t go dressed as a samurai. That just happened).

nycc3 nycc2 nycc1



Speaking of costumes! Halloween is coming up and I’m having troubles figuring out what I want to be. In past years I was: a valkyrie (I kept dragging people to a place I deemed was Valhalla), X-23 (she’s like the badass girl version of Wolverine. I would pretend to kill people with my adamantium claws), Scheherazade (I went around telling stories to people)… If you didn’t notice, I like interactive costumes. But I think I’m out of juice, so to speak. My sister thinks I should be a Victoria’s Secret model with paint brushes attached to my thighs that say “air.” Which, actually, I think is quite genius. Feel free to use that idea. I might go as Celia Bowen from THE NIGHT CIRCUS, but then I’d have to figure out how to do real magic in less than two weeks. But wouldn’t it be amazing if I could find a gown that changed colors at will?


Costumes I’d never wear.

So I decided to stay with this costume-y/Halloween-y theme for this blog. You (the all-encompassing you, not you specifically) usually spend so much time thinking about what you DO want to wear. But do you ever think about what you would NEVER wear? Me neither. Until right now. List time!

1.  Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  I’m just imagining being encased in white lard and it’d be so hot. The bad hot, not the good hot. Also, he trampled all over New York. I don’t want to remind people of that. New Yorkers can be sensitive.

2. Sexy Chucky. You remember Chucky, right? Evil little doll who came to life and, you know, killed people? Yeah. Him. Well, apparently, some company has decided that he’s sexy and that if you wore this particular costume, you’d be sexy too. Which, okay, this girl looks good in the costume. But that’s because it’s a short dress. Don’t even get me started on the axe she’s holding. I don’t want to embody a psycho-killer-anthropomorphized doll. That’s just creepy.

3. Electrical outlet. That’s just awkward. Need I say more?


People I want to go trick-or-treating with.

1. Diddy. He’s just so cool. I’m thinking we’d ride in his Bentley and my plain, white pillowcase would just fill with diamonds as the night progressed.

2. RDJ. I’d get real candy AND eye candy. Win-win! And maybe he’s as witty in real life as he is on screen. Always a plus.

3. My sister. Because she’s my favorite and we have a good time no matter what (but especially if there’s champagne involved. There can be champagne during trick-or-treating, right?).