Hi Guys!

My name is Cindy a.k.a. Tynga, from Tynga’s Reviews and I was ecstatic when I was invited to stop by for a guest post! I decided to talk to you about an immensely popular mythical creature that is near and dear to my heart and the hearts of my readers at Tynga’s Reviews: Vampires!

The sexy, romantic, or sometimes sparkly heroes that we know today as Vampires are a far cry from their original predecessors indeed.  The original vampires are not the sort we paranormal romance fans would ever want to curl up with.  They were monsters, often depicted as bloated with dark skin (due to constant glutting on blood), they weren’t even usually living creatures.  It’s no wonder they were universally feared.

Thankfully, that type of vampire has become obsolete and has been thoroughly romanticized into the dark, brooding, and seductive creature we love so much. Two of my favorite vampire authors are Pocket After Dark’s own Kresley Cole (known for her Immortal After Dark series) and Jeaniene Frost (with her Night Huntress novels and recent Haunted By Your Touch anthology).

The extraordinaire Cole and Frost may both write about vampires, but their versions of the undead are drastically different. Neither strays too far from the path when it comes to creation lore: Vampires still are made when a human is drained of blood to the point of death and then consumes vampire blood, although, in Kresley’s Immortals After Dark series, Vampires can also be born (e.g. Emma who’s a half vampire/half Valkyrie). But while both authors may create their vampires in the same way, their very natures couldn’t be more dissimilar.

While both types of Vampires starts off as Undead, Kresley’s can actually come back to life. When this phenomenon called Blooding happens, their  heart starts beating. The catalyst?  Meeting their Bride. Notice how it’s a male meeting his fated female? It’s another difference that sets her made vampires apart, they are always male.

Graced with preternatural Strength and Speed each vampire lore has it’s bonus. Frost’s develop unique and personal abilities as they get older, such as flying, mind reading etc. Cole’s vampires aren’t stuck on the short bus though.  They have the power to trace, a.k.a. teleport anywhere they’ve ever been in the blink of eye. Quite handy if you ask me!

In both series, killing a vampire is no easy task.  Staking and beheading remains effective, but it’s even trickier to kill Frost’s as silver stakes, as opposed to their wooden companion, are needed. And you can forget about frying them in the sun.  While that works on Cole’s vampires, all the sun will do to Frost’s is put the young ones to sleep for the day, much more efficiently than singing a lullaby to a toddler.

Blood remains the beverage of choice for these vamps, but Cole’s have the added benefit (or curse) of being able to access a victim’s memory if they drink from the vein and are from Kristoff’s (The leader of the Forbearer army and rightful king of vampires) line. Furthermore, if any of Cole’s vampire ever kill their victims while drinking, they become Fallen and their eyes would betray them by becoming bright red. Frost’s vampires, on the other hand, become bright green eyes when they are excited.

The last difference I wanted to point out is how each hierarchy is formed. Frost’s is like a pyramid: the most powerful vampire of his line up top, leading his minions. Cole’s though are split in two factions: The Horde (vampires drinking from the vein) and the Forbearer Army (made up of vampires who refuse to drink from the vein). Each with their own leader.

As you can see, both authors gave their very own twist to  such a “common” mythological creature, and both series are indeed amazing, but do you have a favorite? Maybe even from another series? What makes it your favorite? Which abilities would you rather have if you were a vampire?

Thank you very much Pocket After Dark for inviting me!