It may feel as if summer’s been in full swing for weeks now (I, for one, broke out the white pants ages ago), but here we are, officially. SUMMER.

So how did you celebrate the longest day of the year? If you’re anywhere in the northeast, where we’re suffering from record-breaking temperatures, you might have been clutching your air conditioning unit like this guy and praying for cooler weather. (Unless you are really crazy and you did yoga in Times Square).

But if you happened to be at, say, Stonehenge, you would have been one of nearly 15,000 rain-sodden pagans and druids welcoming a soggy summer solstice with silent meditation and/or drunken renditions of bad pop songs. I didn’t make this up. Forget the crazy costumes and illicit substances — the coolest thing about the annual solstice festival at Stonehenge is that it’s one of the few times of the year where you can actually touch the 4,000 year old stones. Bonus points if you hula hoop on one of them.

Whether you’re having a hot miserable American summer or a wet cold British summer, I hope you enjoy it. Happy solstice!