XOXO Connects: Video Posts

XOXO Connects: Video Posts


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by the XOXO After Dark team

XOXOConnects featured imageWe’re so thrilled you’ve joined us for XOXOConnects, the all-day online readerfest you can attend in your pajamas! Are you in your pajamas? If you stick around, you may find out if we wore ours to the office today. Here’s the page for all the day’s video content: if you couldn’t watch one of our Google Hangouts live, or want to link to one of our great author videos, you can find it all here.  We’ll add new stuff to the top of this page all day long, from 12-8pm EST, so just check the headlines or our schedule for what’s new!

NOTE: If you’re trying to join a Google Hangout and see only a blurry screen, be sure to refresh your browser at the scheduled “live” time; when you can see us clearly, you know we’re live!

The Naked Professor Tip #14

The Naked Professor Tip #13

Paranormal Pizza Party

Chat & eat pizza with these paranormal romance stars: Molly Harper, Alexi Morgan, Mina Vaughn and D.L. McDermott!

 Karen Hawkins Writing Retreat Party

Karen Hawkins and friends are having a writing party, and you’re invited!

The Naked Professor Tip #11


Love Through The Ages: A Historical Round Table

Watch as historical romance experts Sabrina Jeffries, Candace Camp, Meredith Duran and Julia Kelly discuss writing through the ages.


The Naked Professor Tip #10

The Naked Professor Tip #9


If I Were a Romance Heroine…

We asked some of our favorite romance authors how they thought they’d fare as a romance heroine, and the results will surprise you!

The Naked Professor Tip #7

The Naked Professor Tip #6


Q&A with Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter

Fans of Kresley Cole and Gena Showalter, here’s your chance to have your questions answered, moderated by Jenn from Heroes & Heartbreakers!


The Naked Professor Tip #5


The Naked Professor Tip #4

How Did These Indies Get Their Start?

Melody Anne and Ruth Cardello chat with Abby on XOXO’s podcast.

Women Write Women

Come see Amy Reichert discuss women’s fiction with her editor Kate and blogger Vilma from Vilma’s Book Blog!


Thriller Double-Biller

Talk mystery and thrills with Laura Griffin and JT Ellison!


The Naked Professor, Tip #3


The Naked Professor, Tip #2

Another saucy tip from Wendy Leigh, the Naked Professor! Tweet her your questions at @TheNakedProf!


Finding Magic In The City: Urban Fantasy Chat

Join the conversation with urban fantasy authors Mike Underwood and Kristi Charish moderated by Tammie from Night Owl Reviews!

Alice Clayton is Our Woman on the Street!

New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton is taking to the streets of NYC to make strangers Nuts for her latest romance novel!

The Naked Professor, Wendy Leigh

MIRANDA UNRAVELEDThe Naked Professor has interviewed rock stars, celebrities, courtesans and sexual superstars of all stripes, and now she’s here to share her best tips with you! Got a question you’d like answered? Tweet her at @TheNakedProf (don’t forget to use the #XOXOConnects hashtag!) and she’ll give you hints to rock your world. Feeling shy? Then just stay put, because we’ll be adding new video tips every half hour today!

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