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XOXO Connects: Social Media

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XOXOConnects featured imageWe’re so thrilled you’ve joined us for XOXOConnects, the all-day online readerfest you can attend in your pajamas! Are you in your pajamas? If you stick around, you may find out if we wore ours to the office today. Here’s the page for all of the #XOXOConnects fun: whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, we’re embedding all the social media for the day here. We’ll add new stuff to the top of this page from 12-8pm EST, so check the headlines or our schedule for what’s new!

Emma Chase Knows What Boys Like (Twitter chat)




Kate Noble & Gabra Zackman Livetweet Bridget Jones’s Diary

Some weekends, you just need to curl up with your adult beverage of choice and watch that most classic of rom coms, Bridget Jones’s Diary. Kate Noble and Gabra Zackman show you how.  



Biker Boy Bliss with Chantal Fernando

Chantal Fernando writes some of the sexiest, most dangerous biker heroes around in her Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series. Show us your own favorite biker boy with the hashtag #WindDragons, and who knows, maybe he’ll wind up on a cover sometime!


Give Him a Face: Sports Edition with Sara Rider

Spending time dreaming up and writing about sports romance heroes is, well, a dream job. There are lots of reasons to love the ruggedly handsome, alpha-male athletes steaming up the pages of your favorite romance novels. They’re insanely fit, and they know how to control every inch of their bodies to achieve maximum results, which is a skill that, ahem, translates well on and off the field. But, hand’s down, the best part of writing sports romance novels is researching for real-life character inspirations. The butts, the abs, and dear god, the thighs… Swoon. For my upcoming novel, FOR THE WIN, the hero Gabe is loosely based on Fabio Cannavaro, who was considered one of the best, and best looking, soccer defenders of all time. If you want to know what the fuss is about, visit Sara’s inspiration board were you can also pin photos of your favorite sports stars—bonus points if you can link the picture to your favorite romance hero!

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Give Him a Face: What Does the Boyfriend of Authors’ Dreams Look Like with Beck Anderson and Liora Blake!

Book boyfriends are a personal matter, which is why casting a movie of any particularly beloved book can bring mobs with pitchforks to a production company’s doorstep. Pretty much the first reaction any reader has when some Hollywood type shares the actor he’d like to cast as her Edward/Heathcliff/Jace/Gale/Christian is revulsion or rage.

Why? Because we’ve already imagined our book boyfriend, thank you very much.

So why in the Sam Hill would I enter the fray and share my imagines of favorite book boyfriends?

To each her own, right? And ya’ll don’t know where I live (I think) so pitchfork it up, and I’ll go have a cuppa.

Be sure to share your favorite book boyfriends, too—never mind that angry mob with pointy objects. 😉

Beck’s Fab Five Book Boyfriends (as of right this minute)

  1. Ansel, from Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
  2. Dane, from Blocked by Jennifer Lane
  3. Will, from Me Before You by JoJo Moyes
  4. Drew, from Tangled by Emma Chase
  5. Gil, from Geoducks are for Lovers by Daisy Prescott
  6. Bonus: Jake, from The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

See Beck’s Pinterest board for more book boyfriend inspiration!

See Liora’s Pinterest board for even more book boyfriend inspiration!

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