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The Re-Catch episodes 9 and 10 – Season Finale

  Welcome to the “Re-Catch” Season Finale!!!  The Happy Couple (episode 9) and The Wedding (episode 10) were put together, like peanut butter and chocolate, to make a mouthwatering conclusion.  Without further ado:  here are the “Cliffs Notes” (does it date me to say that or are we all still using them!??! This saved me […]


Raise your hand if you’re excited for the new season of The Bachelorette! After checking out Jojo’s potential one night stands life partners, let’s just say we’re lukewarm on how hot & heavy this season will be (I mean, hello, have you seen the guy that compares his body to a Lambo? AND the guy […]

The Re-Catch: Episode 8, The Package

    Well thank GOD spring has finally sprung in New York! This means people occasionally smile and break out the shorts and sundresses. It’s a pleasure when it all slows down for a bit and we can take a deep breath. And after a long day of wandering around Central Park with a grin, […]

The Re-Catch Episode 7: The Ringer

I’ve spent much of the week reading romance novels and bingeing my way through the final season of Downton Abbey.  AMAZING.  This could be called the best and most heart wrenching week of all times.  I’m reading one romance for pleasure, one for work and watching it all on TV.  Thank God, say I, for […]

The Re-Catch Episode 6: “The Benefactor”

by Gabra Zackman Welcome to spring?!?!?!  This is currently a question in a New York City as it feels much more like late fall.  HELP US OUT, UNIVERSE!!!  Spring in New York is my favorite… that moment when everyone starts wearing summer dresses and walking around with a smile on their face.  We wait for […]

The Re-Catch: “The Laragan Gambit”

by Gabra Zackman Welcome to this week’s blog on #thecatch affectionately titled “The Re-Catch.”  I’ve spent much of the week in one kind of trauma or another.  My show closed last weekend, I’m nursing an injured foot, I was pushing a deadline on recording a book on Tibetan Meditation and one of my childhood icons […]

The “Re-Catch” Episode 4: The Princess and the I.P.

  by Gabra Zackman I’ve spent the week wrapping up this run of Sense and Sensibility, recording an audiobook about mindfulness and bingeing episodes of “The Voice.” I’ve also injured my foot by dancing my way through this wonderful show and ergo am “limping towards the finish line.” That said, life is full of joy, […]


Author and actress Gabra Zackman returns to talk us through the newest Shonda Rhimes joint. Take it away, Gabra! Yes, I’m #adaylateandadollarshort on this blog post. Sorry y’all! I’ve had the great fortune, in the midst of doing a hot off broadway show (BEDLAM’s Sense and Sensibility) to leave it for a few days to […]

Recap: Who Is “Hot As Rocks” on The Catch?

We love our TV at XOXOAD, so we’re delighted to introduce our newest recapper, who’ll be taking on Shonda Rimes’s sexy new caper series, The Catch. Please welcome Gabra Zackman, actress, audiobook narrator, and author of the Bod Squad series of romance novels! Take it away, Gabra… A couple of weeks ago I found myself drinking […]

Are you team LB or team Jojo? It’s Bachelor Finale Night!

The night we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: it’s the Bachelor finale! Who will our “Perfect TBen” choose: his true love Lauren B. or his other true love Jojo? We know who we’d like to see take home the crown ring, but we want to know your pick! Don’t forget to tell us […]

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