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Mariah Stewart’s Summer Countdown: The DRIFTWOOD POINT Author’s 5 Faves of the Season

As summer starts to heat up and people are coming out of their homes to soak up the sun, we found ourselves wondering what to do with all the glorious daylight. Thankfully, Mariah Stewart, author of the Chesapeake series, gave us a list of five of what she calls VIT (Very Important Things) to fill […]

Carbs, Characters, Colors, and Cabernet…Or the Four C’s of My Life at the Moment

Critically acclaimed foodie author Rachel Goodman stopped by XOXOAD to share a few of her favorite things! Keep reading for yummy recipes, brilliant life suggestions and delicious drink ideas, and then grab your favorite bottle of wine and settle in to read Rachel’s newest installment in the Blue Plate Series, Sour Grapes, on sale now! […]

Excerpt: Nannyland by Jane Elizabeth Hughes

We’re so excited to introduce you to one of our favorite summer reads, Nannyland, by Jane Elizabeth Hughes! This delightful, romantic debut follows a sophisticated Manhattanite who trades her fast-paced Wall Street life for the English countryside, and unexpectedly becomes a nanny to the children of a widowed British lord. And he might be just […]


The summer months are fast approaching, which means it’s time to start planning some road trips! Kim Wright, author of Last Ride to Graceland, is no stranger to them. In fact, she took one herself to reach her newest novel! Now an expert on the subject, Kim gave us her top eight tips for taking […]

CLOSED:Enter to Win Our Summer Beach Reads Sweepstakes!

Can we get a whoop whoop that it’s finally summer? Well, at least the weather is tricking us into thinking it’s officially summer (which is June 20th btw), but who cares, right? It’s warm, WE’LL TAKE IT. To celebrate the fact that we’ll soon be sweating our backsides off on a beach somewhere, we’re giving away an […]

What it means to get a “do-over”

Second chances can come along in many forms. They can be welcome opportunities to begin anew, or real challenges that individuals must face, overcome, and see the good in to make the most of. In L.E. Bross’s latest Pocket Star book, THE DO-OVER, the two main characters Mel and Eli are both faced with second […]

What Adorable Animals Did on Their Summer Vacations

Summer days, driftin’ away… yes, it’s Labor Day weekend, which means another year’s summer fun is behind us. Before we get our sweaters and tights out of storage, we had to share with you this feature from Slate.com, of animals having a blast in the summer sun! When your apartment doesn’t have air conditioning, you […]


**Sorry, This Sweepstakes Has Ended** New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones was just like us this past weekend and took a break to celebrate the Fourth of July! She stopped by XOXOAD to chat about her favorite things to do during a long, lazy weekend, and (we suspect) to also make us jealous […]

10 Books to Read Lying on the Beach…or if You Just Wish You Were

Winter is coming, and not just on Game of Thrones. There’s a chill in the air, we’ve picked our wool coats up from the dry cleaner’s, and our summer tans have long since faded. But even if we’re stuck in the cold, we can still dream of lazy summer afternoons on the beach, with the help […]

Early Autumn picks

Having trouble finding new reads to cuddle up with now that we are heading out of summer and into fall? Check out author Sylvia Day’s picks below!   With novels such as “Eve of Darkness” and “Entwined With You” earning her crossover success in the romance genre and beyond, author Sylvia Day is just the expert you want highlighting the most […]

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