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Author and actress Gabra Zackman returns to talk us through the newest Shonda Rhimes joint. Take it away, Gabra! Yes, I’m #adaylateandadollarshort on this blog post. Sorry y’all! I’ve had the great fortune, in the midst of doing a hot off broadway show (BEDLAM’s Sense and Sensibility) to leave it for a few days to […]

What 2015 reflections? It’s Bachelor prediction time, ya’ll!

Here at XOXO, we’re all about priorities. Soooo, long list of what we did well this past year (everything) and what we can aspire to for the year to come (continue being perfect and also score tickets to the Adele concert), or predictions for the next season of The Bachelor, featuring the delicious Ben Higgins […]

Empire: Snatch and Grab

Empire ramped up the drama in its last episode, ending with cocky Hakeem being snatched right off the street by an unknown gang and tossed into a van. True to form, the show doesn’t keep us waiting, and we get the ransom demand before the credits. Cookie gets a video showing a sweaty, duct-taped Hakeem, […]

Empire: Gangsters, Original and Federal

Woo! We start off with a bang, as the FBI storms Empire’s offices (with machine guns drawn, which seems extreme for an office environment) to the dulcet strains of Jamal in the recording studio. They tell Jamal they have a warrant to ransack his dad’s office, and snatch the phone out of Becky’s hands as […]

Empire: Secrets and Lyons

Lucious is ready for his trial and working the media, to the fury of would-be Atty. General Ford. He’s banned from the Empire Records building, but that doesn’t stop him from addressing the cheering fans assembled in front of the steps. He proclaims this the first day of the rest of his life, and ends […]

Empire Recap: Jailhouse (Chris) Rock

The show begins with me demanding a credit from Time Warner Cable for interrupted service, so that’s not a great omen. But when the TV pixels settle down and start behaving themselves, there’s an outdoor “Free Lucious” concert in Central Park (presumably) in which someone in a gorilla suit descends to the stage in a […]

bachelorette Kaitlyn

The Bachelorette: “Thar, She Blows!”

We kicked off last night with a recap of last week’s epi, so we got to re-live the oratory masterpiece that was Shawn “confronting” Nick about his questionable motives and behavior. Nothing new came out of this except I realized that Shawn has openly admitted to studiously watching the last season of the Bachelorette through […]

Welcome To The OC B*tch: S10E1

by Diana V. Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching Real House of Orange County, Season 10 Episode 1. First of all, it’s unbelievable that we’re on the 10th season of the OG OC but that doesn’t mean we’ve run out of crazy. Whether you’ve watched all 9 seasons or are new, you won’t be disappointed […]

The Bachelor: Farmer? I Hardly Know Her!

Can it be time already, my best beloveds? Farmer Chris’s fields lie fallow under a dusting of snow, and beauties tumble from the show like rose petals cast upon a fantasy suite bathtub. Tonight our fair farmer in the dell brings the two finalists back to meet his family (aka 42% of the population of Arlington, TX) […]

The Bachelor: Bali Hi There, Wanna Go to the Fantasy Suite?

FINALLY! We’ve exhausted the glamour of Iowa and at last are going on a real exotic date…to Bali! (I guess they needed to scrimp a little in order to cover airfare…) Farmer Chris bestrides the land, admiring temples, frolicking monkeys and beautiful ocean vistas as he tells us that “any one of these women, I could […]

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