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THE BACHELOR: Iowa Caucus Results. JK It’s The Bachelor Recap.

But did anyone else freak the f*ck out there for a minute when it seemed like ABC might have the audacity to detract from our Bachelor Nation time AT RANDOM INTERVALS for something as trivial as the 2016 presidential race? Way to make me super tense and anxious for two full hours, ABC. Luckily there were no ridiculous […]

THE BACHELOR: What Happens in Vegas Gets Broadcasted on National TV and It’s Really, Really Bad

  This week was essentially a case study in what happens when you take a bunch of giggling idiots to Las Vegas and ask them to act out the lyrics to the Katy Perry song, minus the gambling. Just another morning in Bachelor Manse with the ladies lolling around and sharing some deep observations: Lauren […]

The Bachelor: Olivia’s Toes are the new Olivia’s Mouth

Week Three of our favorite pastime and Monday survival mechanism was slightly less boring than last week’s ep. TG for drama. Not only do we have Olivia rocking the “villain’s gotta vill” role but now Jubilee is playing the lonely victim who no one likes/sits alone in the corner looking sour and Amber has taken […]

THE BACHELOR: First They’re Sweet, Then They’re Sour, Then They’re Gone

Unless your name is Lace and the producers are slipping Ben $20s to keep you around. Let the incessant day drinking begin! Episode 2 of this season opens with the ladies looking much fresher than at the first night’s rose ceremony, clinking mimosas and toasting to an upcoming two months of backstabbing deceit, high-volume drama, […]

THE BACHELOR: Ben is Young, Farm Animals are Fun, Jubilee Has A Gun

Aaaaaannddd we’re back! Hello, Bachelor Nation! Or should I say, Slucham—after all, to kick off the night Ben introduces us to his small Podunk hometown of Warsaw, Poland Indiana. This is going to be a really long season of me doing a double take every time he casually mentions growing up in Warsaw. This Warsaw […]

What 2015 reflections? It’s Bachelor prediction time, ya’ll!

Here at XOXO, we’re all about priorities. Soooo, long list of what we did well this past year (everything) and what we can aspire to for the year to come (continue being perfect and also score tickets to the Adele concert), or predictions for the next season of The Bachelor, featuring the delicious Ben Higgins […]

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The Bachelorette: A Trainer, A Sad Clown, and A Proposal

After an entire season spent watching the world’s most inappropriate/ ill-equipped Bachelorette make an enemy out of every woman in America, it’s finally here. THE. MOST. DRAMATIC. SHOCKING. BACHELORETTE. SEASON. FINALE. EVER. Or so Chris Harrison says. So far the most dramatic/shocking thing on this finale is Chris’s apparent run-in with a bottle of spray tan. […]

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The Bachelorette: “Thar, She Blows!”

We kicked off last night with a recap of last week’s epi, so we got to re-live the oratory masterpiece that was Shawn “confronting” Nick about his questionable motives and behavior. Nothing new came out of this except I realized that Shawn has openly admitted to studiously watching the last season of the Bachelorette through […]

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The Bachelorette: Welcome to Porktown

So we all know last week ended with the news that the masterminds behind this show are switching things up on us and making Kaitlyn cut the group in half this week, give three guys fantasy suite cards, and only meet two of their families. This is no problem for K-Dawg because she’s pretty much […]

Welcome to Whine Country: OC S10E3

In this week’s episode Heather launches her new line of “Champs” while not so accidentally declaring a favorite child and Susan is way off her game and looking really crazy. 1. When heather looks down her nose during the toast she looks like Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. That said, I still love her. […]

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