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XOXO After Darkcast: Adventures in Babysitting

Can you believe they ever let us take care of children? Well, it was a simpler time… The ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast talk about their own history with sitters, as sitters, and sometimes as quitters! Then, Lauren interviews Jane Elizabeth Hughes, author of the brand new novel NANNYLAND, which we decide is part […]

XOXO After Darkcast Quickie: What We’re XOing This Week

Kate, Abby and Special Guest Co-host Diana get together to talk about what they’re XOing at the moment. We keep it to a sedate 1 ball of fire today, but still have lots of fun–the talk ranges from Tiny House Hunters to the How Did This Get Made podcast to the price of cotton balls. […]

XOXO After Darkcast: Dating (and Ghosting) Feat. Andi Dorfman

  The XOXO After Darkcast had a celebrity on the line this week–Andi Dorfman, of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” fame! She was the perfect guest to talk about dating–and breaking up–not just because she got engaged on national television, but because she’s written a book about her experience and about getting over heartache when you […]

I Know We Disagree On This…

This week, the ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast discuss book-to-movie adaptations. What are their favorites? What are the worst? Is the book always better than the movie? And will Abby come around to liking the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice at last?

Live at RT, Part 2: Vegas Never Sleeps

Abby continues getting the scoop from more great authors at RT, including Christina Lauren, Anna Todd and Larissa Ione. Listen to find out the best Vegas wedding chapel to get married in, how one author helped a Russian fan find love, and why another has a heroine who doesn’t speak!

Live from RT, Part 1! What Happens in Vegas…

Abby took the show on the road and attended the Romantic Times convention (RT for short), where she had the chance to sit down with a number of fantastic, funny authors! In part 1 of this supersized ‘cast, Abby talks to Amy E. Reichert,  Sabrina Jeffries, Monica McCarty, Laura Griffin, Nina Bocci and Alice Clayton. Find […]

Love and War and WWII

Find out why WWII is the greatest generation… of love stories. Abby interviews international bestselling author Kristin Harmel about her upcoming novel that includes a WWII storyline, When We Meet Again.  Out now is Kristin’s e-novella, How To Save A Life, which she describes as Groundhog Day meets Grey’s Anatomy.  You can read an excerpt here!     […]

We Ship You Not

The ladies are feeling all the feelings this episode and go into their favorite or personal ‘ships. Not sure what ‘Shipping’ is?  Our intern Kris explains here and shares some of his favorite ‘ships with us. Abby interviews Jenn Proffitt from blog Heroes & Heartbreakers.  You can check out H&H’s amazing book reviews and TV […]

The best quickies are vacation quickies

Kate is off to Thailand, so in honor of her vacation and to quell our jealousy, the ladies chat about their favorite vacations. Let us know in the comments what your favorite vacation has been and what book you ABSOLUTELY need to bring with you on your vacation!

Do You Know What’s Under A Kilt?

The ladies discuss who’s sexier, guys from Ireland or guys from Scotland. Abby interviews USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins about her upcoming e-novella The Princess Wore Plaid.  Fun fact – Karen met her husband “Hot Cop” when she interviewed him while doing research for her contemporary romance Talk of The Town!   In keeping with our […]

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