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Why Hitting Rock Bottom Isn’t The End Of The World

Join the ladies as they discuss hitting rock bottom both in life and on the page and where to go from there.

It’s a “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Shower Sweeps!

In case you haven’t heard the news, everyone’s gal pal Bridget Jones is having a baby! When we found out this movie was coming, we just knew we needed to find a way to celebrate. What’s better than a shower where fictional characters have the babies, but YOU get the presents? That’s right, nothing! (except […]

Quiz: Which Half-Moon Hollow Heroine Are You?

Molly Harper’s Half-Moon Hollow series has some seriously kick-ass heroines. Take Molly’s quiz to see if you’re an Andrea, Jane, Jolene, Ophelia or Gigi and let us know in the comments!

CLOSED: Enter Our Perfect Picnic Sweepstakes!

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, the XOXO headquarters are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming days of fun in the sun, and what better way is there to celebrate summer vacation than with a picnic? We have a long list of books that are each good enough to eat (or at least to consume […]

XOXO Happy Hour – EBook Deals For The Weekend

This week’s ebook deals include a sexy vampire, a romantic wedding planner, a suspenseful nanny and a tumultuous pair of soccer players. This week’s deals feature:   Part Time Lovers

Does This Pre-Teen Know the Secret to Publishing?

At XOXOAD, we’re always interested in how our authors balance their work and family lives, and today Molly Harper, author of the Half Moon Hollow series of paranormal romances, lifted the veil on her secret: use the kids! But when you have a kid as smart (and smart-alecky) as Molly’s daughter Darcy, that comes with […]

Want to tell us a little bit about Dick ft. Molly Harper

The ladies catch up right before the holidays on their last minute shopping and interview Molly Harper, author of her newest book, The Single Undead Mom’s Club. This is a 3 balls of fire episode – the best conversations happen after dark. Don’t forget to check out our Free Reads for all your holiday downtime!

12 Days of Giveaways: Day 5

UPDATE: This sweeps is now closed, but don’t miss the remaining 12 Days of Giveaways! Here at XOXOAD, we love doing something special to usher in the holidays, and this year, we’re celebrating with 12 Days of Giveaways! Enter each day for your chance to win a different prize pack of books perfect for any reader—and […]

Quiz: What’s your next favorite book?

Looking for your next book boyfriend but don’t know which romance to pick up? Take our quiz below to find the perfect dream guy! (Of course, if you love reading contemporary romance as much as we do, you won’t pass up the chance to pre-order SEVEN BOOKS FOR SEVEN LOVERS, a boxed-set filled with seven full-length novels […]

Molly Harper’s Top (Sparkle-Free!) Vampire Couples

We asked Molly Harper, author of the delightfully off-kilter Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, to write us a post about romance. Naturally, the person who wrote books like NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS and FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES thought instantly of vampires–and she had a lot to say on the subject. Take it away, Molly! So […]

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