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Betches Takeover: Betchy Correspondence

Being the wise betches that we are, readers/betchy followers often write into us to us for advice on their sad handwritten book lives. Here we’ve shared one of the Dear Betches letters that was lucky enough to make it into our new book, I HAD A NICE TIME AND OTHER LIES…: How to Find Love […]

Betches Takeover: A Very Betchy Excerpt

Being the kind and generous betches that we are, we’ve decided to gift all you XOXOAD readers with an excerpt from our new book, I HAD A NICE TIME AND OTHER LIES…: How to Find Love and Sh*t Like That. QUOTES ABOUT LOVE AND WHY THEY’RE BULLSHIT Since like, forever, people have been writing, singing, […]

Betches Takeover: #TimelessTuesday

We’ve been Betches for a really, really, really, ridiculously long time, like practically since birth, so it shouldn’t surprise you that back in 2011 we posted this nugget of wisdom that still rings true today. Sure, Britney and K-Fed are so two thousand and late, and Limitless is probably a movie you’ve never heard of at this […]

What it means to get a “do-over”

Second chances can come along in many forms. They can be welcome opportunities to begin anew, or real challenges that individuals must face, overcome, and see the good in to make the most of. In L.E. Bross’s latest Pocket Star book, THE DO-OVER, the two main characters Mel and Eli are both faced with second […]

Meet the New XOXperts: Part Three!

In February 2016, we welcomed a new group of XOXperts to our street team and we couldn’t be more excited about it! In week three of introductions, you’ll meet the last three outstanding bloggers that are part of our team! Don’t forget to check out their blogs for more fun stuff!   Yesi Cavazos (Literati […]

Cheers to you, St. Patrick!

Pocket and Pocket Star author Kate Meader isn’t just a whip-smart writer with a flair for penning sizzling, touching romance–she’s also a native Irishwoman! We’ve invited Kate on to XOXO today to get us in the St. Patty’s Day feel. Happy celebrating, and check out the below for links to all of Kate’s books in […]

Are you team LB or team Jojo? It’s Bachelor Finale Night!

The night we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: it’s the Bachelor finale! Who will our “Perfect TBen” choose: his true love Lauren B. or his other true love Jojo? We know who we’d like to see take home the crown ring, but we want to know your pick! Don’t forget to tell us […]

Celebrate Pi Day…with a pie and From Scratch!

It’s March 14th, which means here at XOXO After Dark we’re celebrating Pi Day, or 3.14. Pi Day is a day set aside to pay homage to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Naturally eating a circular dessert, especially a pie, is the only fitting way to celebrate. Here are […]

Bachelor Recap: Bringing Home the Benjamin

This week was everyone’s favorite: HOMETOWNS! Always a lovely opportunity to imagine how the bachelorettes will age and determine who didn’t inherit the family nose got plastic surgery (Amanda and Jojo, lookin’ at you guys). AMANDA The episode starts off with Amanda and Ben running into each other’s arms on the beach, a scene worthy of the silver […]

Happy Mistresses’ Day!

The ladies celebrate Valentine’s Day early! Kate explains why NYC is her boyfriend, Abby shares her anti-Valentine’s Day burning party and Lauren tells us about her first VDay with her husband. And… did you know about Mistresses’ Day? We’ll spare you their singing and just let you listen to Lauren’s Valentine’s Day song: “So Lonely” […]

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