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A vampire out of time

Our lovely paranormal author Jessica Sims stopped by XOXOAD to chat about her experience writing her latest book, BETWEEN A VAMP AND A HARD PLACE. So while you’re trying to adjust to 2016 (happy New Year everyone!), consider just how difficult it was for Jessica to get in the right mindset of someone who lived […]

Author Jessica Sims Talks Deepest, Darkest Secrets!

Jessica Sims, author of the deliciously sexy Midnight Liaisons series, stopped by XOXOAD to talk secrets. And we’re not talking little white lies. We’re talking whoppers – juicy, scandalous, will-change-my-life-if-this-gets-out kind of secrets. But what happens if one of those secrets gets out? Just ask Ryder from the latest and last book in the series, […]

SWEEPSTAKES! Fall in Love with XOXO After Dark

Raise your hand if you’re excited it’s fall! (I know you can’t see me, but I’m basically jumping up and down in my office with both arms up.) I know there are some of you who are rolling your eyes at me, whining that it gets too cold and you still want to wear your […]

Holding Out for a Hero

MUST LOVE FANGS author Jessica Sims chats about romantic heroes!   There’s just something about a romance hero. He’s always a bit larger than life, of course. Never has anything but a six pack of abs, a sexy smile, and an absolute and complete fascination with the heroine. His hair might be long and flowing…or […]

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