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THE PROFESSIONAL by Kresley Cole: Excerpt!

Read on for a peek at this sexy adventure serial from New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole. THE PROFESSIONAL is being released in three parts, and we betcha can’t read just one! If you love it, ordering all three parts is as easy as clicking on the book units below this post. Chapter 1: […]

CONTEST! The Professional: Part One by Kresley Cole

XOXO is heating up the month of December with an exclusive excerpt from THE PROFESSIONAL, the first installment of Kresley Cole’s  sizzling new Game Maker erotica series. Part 1 releases in e-only on Monday, December 16th, but below we have a special sneak peek of Chapter 1 to get you all revved up! And we’re […]

Check back on Dec. 12 for Kresley Cole giveaway!

For anyone living under a rock who may not have heard,  New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kresley Cole is publishing her first-ever erotica e-serialization… IN UNDER TWO WEEKS! THE PROFESSIONAL–a sexy, compulsive read about Natalie, a grad student who finds out she’s a Russian mafiya princess, and Sevastyan, the hot brooding dude […]

Does he look PROFESSIONAL to you?

Can’t wait for THE PROFESSIONAL Part 1? Check out PopSugar for an exclusive first look at the covers of The Professional II and The Professional III by Kresley Cole! The release date is just around the corner, but in the meantime we have something sinfully sweet to tide you over: an exclusive cover reveal for Parts 2 and 3 […]

Tangled Author Emma Chase, on what makes a sex scene really sing!

After my debut romantic comedy, Tangled, was released in May of this year, I had life-long friends call and ask me if I had a secret double life. Perhaps I was hiding a “red room of pain” in my basement? They couldn’t reconcile the “me” they knew with the sizzling, explicit voice of Drew Evans. […]


Writing Black and Blue was not fun.  That’s right.  I said not.  And I totally meant it!  I wrote the book without any problems—and, since I’m being honest, without any real love for it—then turned it in and waited for my editor’s feedback. She wasn’t a fan. When she listed the problems she had with […]

Tune in to channel…

XOXO is excited to welcome New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones to our blog! Her INSIDE OUT series is now being made into a cable show and was just optioned by STARZ! Despite not having even a free second to breathe, Lisa was gracious enough to carve out some time to tell us more […]

Oh stop…you’ll make me blush!

Are you a book lush? You’re not alone! Come play with the Blushes cast – Alice, Christina, Lauren & Nina – and the XOXOAfterDark.com community as we swoon over the sweetest and sexiest novels, pop culture, and the most blush-worthy book boyfriends this side of Toe Curl.   Be sure to check out the Blushes Podcast super […]

Alice Clayton chats about author first-times!

So the first book I ever wrote — the first piece of fiction in fact — was relaunched this October 15th by my new family at Simon & Schuster. The pictures started coming in from readers as early as this past weekend, pictures they had snapped at bookstores from Portland OR to Orlando FL. My […]

The excerpt you’ve all been waiting for…MINE BY KATY EVANS!

Hey, y’all!  Sorry, didn’t mean to get all Tami Taylor on you, but we’re over the moon here today – because after months of nail-biting anticipation, we finally have the first sneak peek into Mine by Katy Evans!  Katy’s first book in the series, Real, focused on bad-boy underground fighter Remington “Riptide” Tate as he […]

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