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Be Weirder: Delilah Dawson’s New Year’s Resolution

I’m not big on resolutions, mainly because I’m married to a psychologist and know how much physical, mental, and emotional work goes into making any difficult change. If exercising, dieting, or becoming a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist were easy, I’d already be doing it, right? But this year, I have one small change that’s been […]

SWEEPSTAKES! Fall in Love with XOXO After Dark

Raise your hand if you’re excited it’s fall! (I know you can’t see me, but I’m basically jumping up and down in my office with both arms up.) I know there are some of you who are rolling your eyes at me, whining that it gets too cold and you still want to wear your […]

Excerpt from Delilah Dawson’s Wicked As She Wants

In honor of our Urban Fantasy week, check out the world of Sang, Delilah’s Dawson’s thrilling setting from her blud series. Below is a short excerpt from Wicked As She Wants, a story about a lost crown princess who stumbles across  a handsome, mysterious musician, Casper Sterling. With Casper’s help, is the princess able to […]

Kit, Gin, Demi, and Urban Fantasy Week

It’s Urban Fantasy Week here at XOXO After Dark – and we’re starting it off with a bang. No, we’re not fighting monsters like our heroines do. We’re still fairly mortal, non-mega-kick-ass-able editors after all. Rather, our celebration gets underway today with New York Times bestseller Lynn Viehl’s 50th (FIFTIETH, people!) book, Disenchanted & Co., […]

Great Reads for Under $1.99

Something for every reader, all for less than two bucks! And we have new selections all the time. See below for what’s on sale now or available for preorder…

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