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6 Books You Should Put on Your Black Friday List

Black Friday is finally here! Still on the search for some binge-worthy, discounted reads? Well, look no further, because we’ve found six amazing books that will keep you entertained this Thanksgiving weekend!

Loving a Bastard Can Be Beautiful

While the entire romance community is saddened by the end of Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Series, we’re still holding out for the movie.  Christina Lauren has already taken the first step in the process by casting our favorite couples in Beautiful, watch below!   Who do you think would be the perfect actors for the role of Jensen and […]

Whoopee! Christina Lauren Plays the “Co-Author Game”

One of the things we love best about Christina Lauren (aside from the amazing Beautiful series!) is how much fun they seem to have together. That was more than evident in this video, where we gave this two-headed writing team a Newlywed Game Co-Author Game test (no trademark infringement here, nosiree!). Let’s see how they did… Would […]

Christina Lauren’s “Beautiful” Farewell

We are Christina Lauren’s #1 fans here at XOXOAD, ever since BEAUTIFUL BASTARD was just a glimmer in their eyes. Ten books later, we’re about to read the final book in the series,  BEAUTIFUL, and like all their fans, we’re having a tough time saying goodbye. But this love letter to their editor proves that letting go […]

It’s a “Bridget Jones’s Baby” Shower Sweeps!

In case you haven’t heard the news, everyone’s gal pal Bridget Jones is having a baby! When we found out this movie was coming, we just knew we needed to find a way to celebrate. What’s better than a shower where fictional characters have the babies, but YOU get the presents? That’s right, nothing! (except […]

13 Books That Are Love Letters to New York

One of the best experiences when reading a book is being completely transported to another place–the coffee shop on the corner and the farmers’ market in the square become so real, it’s like you’ve always lived there. It’s no surprise to us that New York City is a frequent choice for authors and readers alike!  These 13 books […]

San Diego Comic Con Sweeps: May the Luck Be with You!

It’s Comic Con, and XOXOAD is eagerly huddling around our Instagram accounts to spot every amazing cosplay, every morsel of Hollywood gossip, and of course, every cool book that people snap up! If you, like us, didn’t go to San Diego this year, how about the next best thing–a sweepstakes where you could win a great […]

Live at RT, Part 2: Vegas Never Sleeps

Abby continues getting the scoop from more great authors at RT, including Christina Lauren, Anna Todd and Larissa Ione. Listen to find out the best Vegas wedding chapel to get married in, how one author helped a Russian fan find love, and why another has a heroine who doesn’t speak!

The Ripped Bodice

Although all bookstores are amazing, sometimes there’s one in particular that is just your fav. The ladies share their memorable bookstore stories. The ladies interview Bea and Leah Koch, two lovely ladies who opened the a Romance only Bookstore, The Ripped Bodice.  We are seriously obsessed with these ladies.  Make sure to follow them on […]

Back to Beautiful

Christina and Lauren, who combine to form the mega-author Christina Lauren in a most Voltron-like manner, have been some of the most consistently excellent, bestselling authors in romance since their Beautiful Bastard debut just three short years ago. With Beautiful Boss–the ninth (!) book in the Beautiful series–leaping onto shelves on Leap Day today, we […]

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