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CLOSED: Enter Our Perfect Picnic Sweepstakes!

With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, the XOXO headquarters are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming days of fun in the sun, and what better way is there to celebrate summer vacation than with a picnic? We have a long list of books that are each good enough to eat (or at least to consume […]

Mariah Stewart’s Summer Countdown: The DRIFTWOOD POINT Author’s 5 Faves of the Season

As summer starts to heat up and people are coming out of their homes to soak up the sun, we found ourselves wondering what to do with all the glorious daylight. Thankfully, Mariah Stewart, author of the Chesapeake series, gave us a list of five of what she calls VIT (Very Important Things) to fill […]

CLOSED:Enter to Win Our Summer Beach Reads Sweepstakes!

Can we get a whoop whoop that it’s finally summer? Well, at least the weather is tricking us into thinking it’s officially summer (which is June 20th btw), but who cares, right? It’s warm, WE’LL TAKE IT. To celebrate the fact that we’ll soon be sweating our backsides off on a beach somewhere, we’re giving away an […]

Win XOXOAD’s Favorite Beach Reads!

There’s nothing like a beach read. You can read them all year long but, in reality, you save them up until you get the chance to lounge in the sun and allow yourself to be transported to another place. One of our favorites this year is The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe. Everything about Mary Alice’s Lowcountry […]

10 Books to Read Lying on the Beach…or if You Just Wish You Were

Winter is coming, and not just on Game of Thrones. There’s a chill in the air, we’ve picked our wool coats up from the dry cleaner’s, and our summer tans have long since faded. But even if we’re stuck in the cold, we can still dream of lazy summer afternoons on the beach, with the help […]

V.C. Andrews’ Petals on the Wind: Home is where the heart is?

In Petals On the Wind, the kids from Flowers in the Attic are all grown up but not exactly over the whole trapped-in-an-attic thing they went through. Cathy is understandably pissed at their mother for poisoning and abandoning them to the whims of a cruel and demented grandmother. Now, it’s time for a bit of […]


It has been a SWELTERING week at the XOXO headquarters in NYC, and this heat wave doesn’t show any sign of stopping. It’s the type of weather that leaves only two appealing options for weekend activities: hunkering down in a café where the AC is blasting or hitting up a beach. Either way, having a […]

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