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New Year, No Judgment

Eat better. Spend less. Exercise more. The New Year can be filled with judgment, especially of oneself. But if you’re looking for a resolution that has absolutely nothing to do with losing weight or saving money, and everything to do with feeling better about yourself (and others!), look no further. Gabrielle Bernstein’s JUDGMENT DETOX offers a […]

This Cake Won’t Blow Your New Year’s Diet

Sweet. Savory. Pastries. Hot Men…   Oh, hi! We didn’t see you there. We were just thinking about some of our very favorite things. If you, too, like dessert and, *ahem*, dessert, read on for the first chapter of Cake at Midnight, a deliciously sweet foodie romance in which twenty-something pastry chef Gio falls out […]

XOXO loves Erika Jayne

We at XOXO After Dark cannot wait to read Erika Jayne’s Pretty Mess! We love her for countless reasons, but especially for giving us our new 2018 anthem! Don’t forget to preorder your copy of PRETTY MESS now!

Out with the old, in with the new!

At XOXO, we know that it can be tough to choose from among all the books out there just begging for your attention…so we’ve done a little pre-screening for you! If you’ve enjoyed one of the backlist books below, check out our recommendations for a just-out romance we think will fill a similar niche in […]

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