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Dating Myself This V Day

Valentine’s Day. Just hearing the words used to make me shudder. As someone who is single by default (although I am certainly not opposed if anyone would like to confess their love to me at this time), this used to be one of my least favorite days of the year. In high school, I used […]

Who would give Jane Austen one star???

The ladies of the Darkcast talk to author Julia Sonneborn about her debut novel, BY THE BOOK, a sparkling retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion! We discuss why so many romance readers love Austen, which are our faves, and which books we have to admit we’ve never read :). Plus, Lauren and Kate face off in an […]

Are you ready to medal?

Who’s excited for the Winter Olympics? We love all the pageantry, the excitement of competition…and oh yeah, all those hot athletes with their finely-tuned muscles! Since we believe romance reading should also be an Olympic sport, we’re bringing you this quiz from our friends at Crimson Romance: find out which winter sport YOU should start […]

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