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Secrets of the Kardashian Dynasty Revealed!

OMG Kardashians!!! It seems like the whole world–or at least the whole internet–is obsessed with the Kardashians. Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit they’ve mastered getting our attention. And they’ve turned that attention into a host of projects, whether TV, beauty, fashion, and even books. But what secrets might they be keeping? […]

The Best Dog is a Senior Dog

Today’s featured book isn’t a romance, but we’re falling in love anyway! XOXO is chock-full of pet lovers, so we couldn’t be happier to share the news about SUSIE’S SENIOR DOGS, which is on sale today! If you don’t know it already, Susie’s Senior Dogs is an organization dedicated to finding happy Forever Homes for […]

Loving a Bastard Can Be Beautiful

While the entire romance community is saddened by the end of Christina Lauren’s Beautiful Series, we’re still holding out for the movie.  Christina Lauren has already taken the first step in the process by casting our favorite couples in Beautiful, watch below!   Who do you think would be the perfect actors for the role of Jensen and […]

Whoopee! Christina Lauren Plays the “Co-Author Game”

One of the things we love best about Christina Lauren (aside from the amazing Beautiful series!) is how much fun they seem to have together. That was more than evident in this video, where we gave this two-headed writing team a Newlywed Game Co-Author Game test (no trademark infringement here, nosiree!). Let’s see how they did… Would […]

Kresley Cole’s Hottest Heroes

When heroes are known as “captain of all pleasures,” “the first male virgin,” and “the most tortured one,” how can you not be intrigued by them?   Watch as Kresley Cole and her editor discuss her hottest heroes ever. =

VIDEO: Weird habits of a romance author

… and other things they do when they write! Meet amazingly talented Gallery and Pocket Books authors—and find out what it takes for them to write great romance, whether it’s sitting in bed with a collection of dogs, or basking in the Texan heat with Uggs and a hoodie. Features Sabrina Jeffries, Christina Lauren, Emma Chase, Jennifer […]

More Sex Tips from The Naked Professor

Our resident expert, The Naked Professor, has even more sexy advice up her tidily-buttoned sleeve! #XOXOConnects may have wrapped, but we just have too many tips for one readerfest…    

Sex Tips from The Naked Professor

Need another tip from Wendy Leigh about spicing up your relationship? We’ve got a ton of them coming all day long at #XOXOConnects, but we’re sharing a few for those who didn’t join us live!

Tips from The Naked Professor for XOXOConnects

If you’re not already enjoying all our #XOXOConnects fun, why not? It’s free–all you have to do is register with XOXO After Dark, and then you can access all the videos, posts and sweeps we’ve got in store. (See the full schedule here.) But here’s just a sample to whet your whistle… Wendy Leigh has […]

Who’s the Best Lover? A video Q&A with Meredith Duran

This summer we caught up with Meredith Duran, the brilliant writer of some of our favorite historical romances! On a beautiful day in New York’s Bryant Park, we asked her a few questions about writing, the Regency, and which of her characters is the best husband material!

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