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The Ripped Bodice

Although all bookstores are amazing, sometimes there’s one in particular that is just your fav. The ladies share their memorable bookstore stories. The ladies interview Bea and Leah Koch, two lovely ladies who opened the a Romance only Bookstore, The Ripped Bodice.  We are seriously obsessed with these ladies.  Make sure to follow them on […]

It’s a Johanna Lindsey Off!

Kate moderates as Lauren and Abby go head to head on which Johanna Lindsey Malory novel is better, Gentle Rogue or Tender Rebel.  Listen as each pleads her case. Which do you prefer, Gentle Rogue or Tender Rebel, take our poll below!

Do You Know What’s Under A Kilt?

The ladies discuss who’s sexier, guys from Ireland or guys from Scotland. Abby interviews USA Today and New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins about her upcoming e-novella The Princess Wore Plaid.  Fun fact – Karen met her husband “Hot Cop” when she interviewed him while doing research for her contemporary romance Talk of The Town!   In keeping with our […]

I’ve Never Been Touched That Way!

The ladies discuss new adult romance and their scandalous lives during college. Kate interviews book blogger Vilma, from Vilma’s Book Blog and they discuss the Austin Book Fest.  ABF is coming up quick, March 5th, so if you’re in the Austin area, try and stop by! Finally, the ladies wrap up with “guess that alma mater.” […]

It’s our Podcastaversary!

The ladies celebrate their 1-year podcastaversary by watching and discussing the book to movie How To Be Single. Adam Wilson, fellow editor at Gallery & Pocket Books speaks about what it is like to be a male romance editor.  The ladies wrap up with Shag, Mary, Kill! Did you watch How To Be Single? What […]

Happy Mistresses’ Day!

The ladies celebrate Valentine’s Day early! Kate explains why NYC is her boyfriend, Abby shares her anti-Valentine’s Day burning party and Lauren tells us about her first VDay with her husband. And… did you know about Mistresses’ Day? We’ll spare you their singing and just let you listen to Lauren’s Valentine’s Day song: “So Lonely” […]

Quickie: A quick shot of XOXO

We’re not exactly sure how we’ve gone this long without talking about cocktails since they go so well with romance novels, so we’re correcting that now!   Let us know what your favorite cocktail is in the comment section below!

You Can Do Magic ft. Nicole Camden

The ladies discuss a fairly new romance concept, sexy magicians and slight of hand. Kate interviews author Nicole Camden about her Billionaire Tricksters of Boston series which follows three magician brothers. The ladies also talk Harry Houdini, Abby recommends a great novel about mediums (Things Half in Shadow), and can you pass our “name that […]

I Love A Pirate… Historical!

The ladies discuss historical romances during the regency era, romantic horse rides through Hyde park and the licenses regency gives and doesn’t give you. Abby interviews author Kate Noble about her new historical romance in the “Winner Takes All” series, The Lie and The Lady, and the ladies face off in historical trivia. Don’t forget to check […]

Quickie: Airing of Grievances

Who says the end of January is too early to air grievances? We missed festivus so now the ladies are airing their grievances and they have a lot to say… as per usual.   Air your greivances with us in the comments section – it’s good to get it alllllll out!

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