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The Ladies take You to School, ft. Julia Kelly: XOXO After Darkcast

The ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast are ready to school you on that most famous of Regency careers for ladies, the governess. They talk about governess stories they love, from JANE EYRE to more modern romances, and also discuss their own teaching experiences! (You’ll notice none of them are still teachers, which suggests what […]

Why Hitting Rock Bottom Isn’t The End Of The World

Join the ladies as they discuss hitting rock bottom both in life and on the page and where to go from there.

Infestation is a Strong Word, ft. Lauren Layne

The XOXO After Darkcast ladies welcome author Lauren Layne to the podcast today for an “I Heart NY” discussion! Better yet, since Lauren is also a local, she was able to join Lauren, Kate and Abby in the studio–listen as we talk about life in New York, Lauren’s adorable “Wedding Belles” series of romances, and […]

You Always Remember Your First Time

…Reading a good book, that is! The ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast made good use of their brief August hiatus to do a little pleasure reading, and in today’s Quickie we share some great recommendations with you! Plus, now’s your chance to get on board with Kate as she reads Harry Potter for the Very. […]

David Is Apparently a Grower, Not a Show-er

The XOXO After Darkcast is back after a little summer hiatus. We missed you all! We’re refreshed and reinvigorated and buzzing with excitement in our latest episode, where the theme is Viva Italia–perfect for our special guest of today’s episode, Nina Bocci, author (with Alice Clayton) of the delectable romp ROMAN CRAZY! So join us […]

A Lady Has Her Secrets…

We all have our secrets, but today, we’re sharing some of them! OK, don’t get TOO excited…we’re talking the secrets of being a great and gorgeous wedding guest. But trust us, we have a million tips you can use, plus some great recommendations for wedding-themed romances! This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon–and […]

Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!

In today’s Quickie, the ladies of the XOXO After Darkcast reminisce about Saturday morning cartoons and share some of the grownup animated series they’re watching now. Kate tries (and fails) to explain Bojack Horseman to Lauren, and we get tossed out of the studio when talk turns to The Snorks.

Leveling Up in Love, feat. Elia Winters

The ladies of XOXOAD talk about games today, but first we have to begin by making fun of Abby’s intro! (When did we get so Mean Girls? Fame has gone to their heads.) We talk about beloved games from our childhood, video games, and of course the Olympics! Then Abby chats with Elia Winters about […]

You Know It’s Thriller

  The ladies chat about an often unsettling, but always exciting genre, true crime, the OJ Simpson trial and Law & Order SVU. Lauren interviews New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter about her newest and 20th installment in her FBI Series, INSIDIOUS.  FBI agents Savich and Sherlock must discover who is trying to murder Venus […]

XOXO After Dark Quickie: She Knows How to Hoe

The ladies of the podcast talk gardening–which is sort of weird, considering they live in the concrete jungle that is NYC. But we persevere! Find out what Kate is jonesing for, when Lauren feels like a fairy in the forest, and why Abby is worse than a plastic bag.  

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