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XOXO After Darkcast #1: 50 Shades of XOXO

We are so excited to introduce our newest XOXOAD adventure, the XOXO After Darkcast! Recorded in conjunction with CBS Studios’ brand-new “Play It” podcast selection, it’s a twice-monthly conversation led by three romance editors–Lauren, Abby and Kate will talk romance novels, sex, pop culture, relationships, writing…and did we mention sex? We’ll also be interviewing bestselling […]

Blushes Podcast #3 – Laugh & Love

It’s that time again to embark on another verbal adventure with Alice Clayton and Christina and Lauren (aka Christina Lauren). Alice writes the sexy and hilarious Wallbanger cocktail series and the Redhead series. Christina and Lauren write the smutty and hysterical Beautiful Bastard and Wild Seasons series. With a CV like that, you know they […]

Blushes podcast Round 2!

The ladies of the racy, scandalous, but-oh-so-good Blushes podcast are at it again! No topic is safe from Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton and guest Tiffany Reisz. Hit play below to be entertained for a bit. Trust me, you’ll thank us.   If you want to check out their VIP room on iTunes (or just prefer […]

Oh stop…you’ll make me blush!

Are you a book lush? You’re not alone! Come play with the Blushes cast – Alice, Christina, Lauren & Nina – and the community as we swoon over the sweetest and sexiest novels, pop culture, and the most blush-worthy book boyfriends this side of Toe Curl.   Be sure to check out the Blushes Podcast super […]

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Oh yes we did title this post with an SAT style analogy puzzle. Why? Perhaps to show that as adults we have conquered all of those mean testing gimmicks and as readers will never again agree to dance around words like trained monkeys. (With the exceptions of Scrabble [Words with Friends] and Boggle [Scramble with […]

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