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XOXO After Darkcast: Get ‘Em While They’re Young

It’s another entry in our “So You Want to Work in Publishing” series! This week, Abby is joined by special guests Producer Diana and Intern Alex–and Alex tells us how she “started at the bottom now she here” (apologies to Drake). For a change, the podcast is filled with youthful enthusiasm! Show Me the Money, ft. […]

XOXO After Darkcast: Johnny Might’ve Peed a Little ft. Ania Ahlborn

The ladies of the Darkcast welcome bestselling horror writer Ania Ahlborn to the table this week! First, Lauren, Abby and Kate talk about what scares them (spoiler alert: everything), and then Abby chats with Ania about being a woman in the horror genre, becoming an indie-published sensation, and of course, what her favorite romantic movie […]

Podcast: Fifty Shades Darker

Join XOXO in the studio as celebrate their second anniversary by podcasting right after watching Fifty Shades Darker.  **SPOILER WARNING** They will get into the dirty details and their favorite parts.  Tune in after you’ve watched Fifty Shades Darker and see if you agree with us OR go back and listen to our Fifty Shades […]

Find the right one: it’s NOW OR NEVER!

If you’re single and loving it, you probably didn’t care about Valentine’s Day yesterday. But for those of us eager to find a romantic partner, the holidays–especially Valentine’s Day–can be tough. So we’ve turned to Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos, inspirational speakers and creaters of the Bridge Method, to give us some advice about how […]

XOXO After Darkcast: Juliet IRL, ft. Glenn Dixon

The ladies of the Darkcast went to the romance source this week–Juliet herself! Well, sort of…we brush up our Shakespeare, including that most famous of love stories, Romeo and Juliet, before talking to a very special guest: Glenn Dixon, one of “Juliet’s secretaries” who answer the thousands of letters left under a particular Veronese balcony. Glenn’s […]

Podcast: PSA What Women Want

  The women break it down for males – here’s what we want, need and appreciate. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Do’s and Dont’s

You just started dating a new guy and decide to check out his Facebook page.  Unfortunately, you can’t see any pics or info without friending him and you want to up your flirting game… Do you throw caution to the wind and friend him? Do you like his photos? Do you comment on his photos? […]

Podcast: Show Me The $$$ ft. Barbara Poelle

A follow up to our pre-holiday podcast on writing.  This week the ladies chat about the other side of publishing, agenting! Abby interviews literary agent Barbara Poelle and the ladies wrap up with shag, marry, kill.  

Podcast: 6 Books To Read In 2017

The ladies chat about the books they’re most looking forward to this year.  Make room on your TBR list because you’ll be adding a least a few books!

XOXO Recommends: Our All-Time Favorite Romances

Straight from the Blue Bar at the storied Algonquin Hotel comes another installment from our own romance round table. Abby and Lauren share some of their very favorite romance novels…tell us your favorites in the comments!

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