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Andi Dorfman on the NYC Single Life

We caught up with Andi Dorfman at a photo shoot and got the scoop about her brand-new book, SINGLE STATE OF MIND. How does she feel about the dating scene now that she’s off your television and on the mean streets of New York City?

New Year, New You: Take Control of Your Finances

2018 is here, ladies! If your New Year’s resolution is to be smarter with your money, WORTH IT by Amanda Steinberg is the book to pick up. Being financially informed is a great way to begin being smarter with your money, and WORTH IT will give you the information, tools, and advice to start your […]

A Grilled Cheese For Your NYE Hangover

Happy 2018! Did you celebrate New Year’s Eve a bit too much last night and find yourself really paying the price today? Well, you know what they say: lots of water and delicious food (like an amazing grilled cheese sandwich) can help cure a hangover. Balthazar’s off-menu grilled cheese sure is the sustenance we want to nurse us back […]

Ask XOXO! Our new advice podcast

We’ve started a new feature on the podcast: Ask XOXO! If you’ve been listening, you know that one thing we’re never shy about is expressing our opinions…so we thought we’d put that to good use by answering your questions. Today we tackle a couple of good ones: first, how do you make room for each […]

We Drank a Porno?!?

Everything’s better with a glass of rose, especially the XOXO After Darkcast! As promised back in October, the ladies decided to play the drinking game from My Dad Wrote a Porno. As expected, merriment and scandalized giggling was in abundance–and even Pat, our long suffering engineer, gets into the act! Be warned, this episode definitely merits […]

Are You Team Taylor?

In a special XOXO After Darkcast Quickie, Abby and special guest Molly (whom you’ll remember from our “Young Love” episode) debate one of the most controversial figures of our time: we’re talking, of course, about Taylor Swift. Are you a Swiftie, ready to join her squad at a moment’s notice? Or do you think Taylor’s […]

Green Card meets Once in ROOMIES

From subway to Broadway to happily ever after, Christina Lauren’s romance ROOMIES is a tale of marriage convenience that is just so…inconvenient. Watch below as the authors talk about their heroine, Holland, and their second stand-alone romance! And if you want even more ROOMIES fun, listen to this excerpt from the audiobook!

How to Hide a Body, ft. Laura Griffin

The ladies of the Darkcast welcome Laura Griffin to the podcast to discuss her newest Tracers novel, TOUCH OF RED! Now that she’s written so many amazing, well-researched romantic suspense novels, we figured Laura would be able to commit the perfect crime–but she swears she only uses her powers for good. We wrap up the […]


The ladies of the podcast welcomed Adrian Liang, head honcho at the Amazon Book Review blog (or Omnivoracious, as it was once known) to talk about her “Best of the Year” lists, her double history as a publishing pro and an author, and what she loves about romance! (We’ve listed a couple of her favorites […]

XOXO Recommends: Our Fall TBR Pile

XOXO After Dark has a bountiful harvest of romances and women’s fiction to read this fall! See which books we think are ripe for the picking, and tell us in the comments what you’re looking forward to reading.

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