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XOXO After Darkcast #3: Luck of the Irish

The conversation really heats up with our third episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, where three romance editors talk about sex, romance, relationships, pop culture, and did we mention sex? On today’s episode: Abby, Lauren and Kate discuss St. Patrick’s Day in NYC: awesome city-wide party, or just a chance to watch amateurs vomit in […]

XOXO After Darkcast #2: The Short Things In Life

We’re back with our second episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, where three romance editors talk about sex, romance, relationships, pop culture, and did we mention sex? On today’s episode: Abby, Kate and Lauren discuss the short things in life: novellas and short stories, the not-short-enough Oscars, and classic novella The Awakening. Then, Abby interviews […]

XOXO After Darkcast #1: 50 Shades of XOXO

We are so excited to introduce our newest XOXOAD adventure, the XOXO After Darkcast! Recorded in conjunction with CBS Studios’ brand-new “Play It” podcast selection, it’s a twice-monthly conversation led by three romance editors–Lauren, Abby and Kate will talk romance novels, sex, pop culture, relationships, writing…and did we mention sex? We’ll also be interviewing bestselling […]

XOXO Video Channel: Girl Talk with Alice Clayton, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, & Nicole Edwards

New York Times bestselling authors Alice Clayton, Emma Chase, Kristen Proby, and Nicole Edwards got candid with XOXO when the joined us for some real, no-holds-barred roundtable girl talk! The ladies showcase their sillier and more serious sides, covering everything from loving their fans to what lessons men can learn from their romance novels (really, […]

The Deep: Watch if you Dare!

Have you discovered Nick Cutter yet? His debut horror novel, The Troop, scared the pants off of none other than Stephen King himself, who said it “scared the hell out of me and I couldn’t put it down.” Could you ask for a better review? Now Cutter has a new book out, and it’s even scarier (if […]

George Brescia’s Man on the Street

Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life author/fashion guru George Brescia is an icon of style. Today, he talks about his Man-On-The-Street series: One of the things I love most about what I do is the chance to meet new people and talk with them about how they like to express their personalities through their clothes. […]

XOXO Confessions: Katy Evans

Our spring #BellesOnWheels trip is the tour that keeps on giving! We had so much fun talking to all our indie authors, and luckily there were cameras there to capture the action. In today’s video, our newest in the XOXO Confessions series, Katy Evans talks about her mega-bestselling hit Real, and the whole series that she’s […]

Video: XOXO Confessions with Author Emma Chase and Editor Micki Nuding

Recently, New York Times bestselling author Emma Chase sat down with Senior Editor Micki Nuding to talk about the birth of Tangled, her new “Legal Briefs” series, and what fans are hoping for next…and XOXO Video was there to capture it all!

XOXO Confessions With Alice Clayton

Go behind the scenes with the authors of some of the sexiest books around! XOXO After Dark asks bestselling novelists to tell us their deepest, darkest secrets… like this tell-all video from New York Times bestselling author Alice Clayton: find out how and when Clayton got started, which series started it all and what is […]

Dirty Taboo! On Video…That’s Normal

by Abby Z We had so much fun with the launch of our XOXO Video channel last week that we just had to bring you one more! If you thought the Dirty-Off was something, wait till you see this game of “Dirty Taboo” from our brand new besties at That’s Normal! If you aren’t already […]

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