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From Reporter to Romance Writer

Beloved author Julia Kelly used to produce the news. Now she produces gorgeous historical romances like THE LOOK OF LOVE! We ask how she got her start, and about her craziest interview yet…

Andi Dorfman is in a Single State of Mind

This week on a quickie episode of the XOXO After Darkcast, we welcomed a very special guest: Bachelorette and two-time New York Times bestselling author Andi Dorfman! She tells us about life after reality TV, what it’s like to go on Celebrity Tinder, and how she likes being a single gal in NYC (hint: dating […]

XOXO loves Erika Jayne

We at XOXO After Dark cannot wait to read Erika Jayne’s Pretty Mess! We love her for countless reasons, but especially for giving us our new 2018 anthem! Don’t forget to preorder your copy of PRETTY MESS now!

Reimagined Classics to Satisfy Your Inner English Major

For English majors who want to revisit their favorite classics–but with a modern twist–have we got three PERFECT reads. Watch one of our romance editors break it down!

XOXO Wants to Give You Advice!

We’re so excited to be debuting a new recurring feature on the podcast: Ask XOXO! That’s right, we’ve coaxed people to send in their questions about anything–books, love, money, sex, you name it–and once a month we’ll select some questions to answer on the XOXO After Darkcast! Today’s questions deals with productivity and how to […]

Andi Dorfman on the NYC Single Life

We caught up with Andi Dorfman at a photo shoot and got the scoop about her brand-new book, SINGLE STATE OF MIND. How does she feel about the dating scene now that she’s off your television and on the mean streets of New York City?

New Year, New You: Take Control of Your Finances

2018 is here, ladies! If your New Year’s resolution is to be smarter with your money, WORTH IT by Amanda Steinberg is the book to pick up. Being financially informed is a great way to begin being smarter with your money, and WORTH IT will give you the information, tools, and advice to start your […]

A Grilled Cheese For Your NYE Hangover

Happy 2018! Did you celebrate New Year’s Eve a bit too much last night and find yourself really paying the price today? Well, you know what they say: lots of water and delicious food (like an amazing grilled cheese sandwich) can help cure a hangover. Balthazar’s off-menu grilled cheese sure is the sustenance we want to nurse us back […]

Ask XOXO! Our new advice podcast

We’ve started a new feature on the podcast: Ask XOXO! If you’ve been listening, you know that one thing we’re never shy about is expressing our opinions…so we thought we’d put that to good use by answering your questions. Today we tackle a couple of good ones: first, how do you make room for each […]

We Drank a Porno?!?

Everything’s better with a glass of rose, especially the XOXO After Darkcast! As promised back in October, the ladies decided to play the drinking game from My Dad Wrote a Porno. As expected, merriment and scandalized giggling was in abundance–and even Pat, our long suffering engineer, gets into the act! Be warned, this episode definitely merits […]

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