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I Need a Hero: Our Favorite Military-Inspired Romances!

Has your Wednesday got you down? Does the weekend seem years away? Well, we’ve got something that’ll cheer you right up! To celebrate Military Awareness Month, we’ve put together a roundup of romance reads that feature some of our favorite military heroes. Strong, brave, and hot hot hot… there’s just something about a man in uniform.

Roundup: Books that Make You Go Oh!

We brought in one of our XOXperts to share with you three books that she knows will leave you wanting more… Looking for books that get you hot and bothered? You want ones that you can’t put down, can’t stop thinking about when you finish, and ones that once you finish you want to pick […]

6 Books That Celebrate Autism Awareness

As National Autism Awareness month comes to a close, here are 6 books you can read that truly celebrate and champion characters with Autism.  To find out more about National Autism Awareness Month, click here.  

Get Mom the perfect book–while there’s still time!

Did you realize Mother’s Day is just around the corner? OK, so not JUST around–it’s May 14–but it’ll be here before you know it. Do you want to be the one standing in the supermarket looking for the least-dead bunch of carnations because you forgot to get your mom something nice? Of course you don’t! […]

Kardashian Book Roundup

Kraving more Kardashian? Us too. If you’re looking for something to tide you over until next Sunday’s episode, we gathered a list of books that should satisfy your fix. Happy Reading! via GIPHY

One-Night Stands: Super-Sexy Stories You Can Read in a Night

Sometimes you don’t need love to be a long, drawn-out affair…sometimes you just need something quick and dirty, like these sexy novellas! Every one will give you a quick hot hit, and you’ll finish just in time for bed (wink).

5 Books that prove love hurts: ft. Ania Ahlborn

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’re pretty much in hearts-and-flowers mode. But maybe you’re not in the mood for a sweet love story right now? Don’t worry, we’ve still got you covered! We went to Ania Ahlborn, bestselling author of horror novels like WITHIN THESE WALLS, BROTHER, and the brand-new THE DEVIL CREPT […]

5 Books to Read (or Look at) While Not Watching the Superbowl

While your S.O. is cheering on the Patriots or Falcons this Sunday, we encourage you to curl up on the couch and cheer on these 5 sexy book athletes.  If football doesn’t do it for you, we have plenty of other sexy guys! Besides, who wants to watch sweaty men with helmets covering their faces […]

three great books that pack a (romantic) punch

If you’ve been searching for your next great romantic suspense read search no more, for one of our favorite romantic suspense writers Alison Brennan is here to help! The DELIVER US FROM EVIL author took the time to recommend three amazing reads that you’re sure to love! If you count her book, now on sale from Pocket […]

9 books to get down with from the land down under

No, this isn’t a post about Chris Hemsworth (unfortunately), but it is about our second favorite thing: books! When stories have the ability to take you anywhere, you might not be thinking of who the author of your new favorite book is. However, in the past few years Australian authors have been making quite the […]

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