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6 Books You Should Put on Your Black Friday List

Black Friday is finally here! Still on the search for some binge-worthy, discounted reads? Well, look no further, because we’ve found six amazing books that will keep you entertained this Thanksgiving weekend!

Hey, it could be worse: The Five Strangest Elections in U.S. History

Okay, first, let’s all agree on one thing: no matter who you are voting for today, this election has been pretty nasty. It seems like elections have been getting worse and worse of late with the constant bombardment we get from friends and strangers alike on social media and the internet nowadays. But if you think […]

8 Sequels You’ll Love as Much (or More!) than the Originals

When you’ve fallen in love with a book, do you try to read slower to put off getting to the end? Well, stall no more, because we’ve found eight amazing novels that will make you just as happy as reading the first in their series!  

7 Pirate Romances to Shiver Ye Timbers

It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, and to celebrate, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite pirate romances that’ll blow you…down. (Arrrrr.) So pick up one of the swashbuckling gems below and take to the high seas!    

9 Chilling Reads to Keep You Up All Night

Ah! Do you smell the pumpkin-scented everything in the air? Do you feel the beginning touches of the chilly breezes through your hair? Why yes folks, fall is here! That means it’s about time to spruce up your wardrobe with some new sweaters, stock your pantry with colorful squash, and fill out your bookshelf with […]

8 Books to Get You Through the Dog Days of Summer

Happy National Dog Day! In celebration of this grand holiday (even though everyday is really national dog day for us) we’ve rounded up our favorite dog books that are fun to read all year round! Did your favorite book not make the list? Let us know what it is in the comments section below! We’re […]

9 Memoirs about Love, Sex and Rock & Roll

Musicians seem to experience more life that regular people, with their exceptional talent, world travel, and endless groupies. That’s why we love reading about them—the good, the bad, and the rock n’ roll.

11 Beautiful Beach Covers for the Last of Summer

We can’t believe summer’s almost gone! But to stretch it out just as long as we can, we’ve made a list of eleven gorgeous beach-themed book covers to tide us over. (Geddit? TIDE? I know, I’ll show myself out.)

13 Books That Are Love Letters to New York

One of the best experiences when reading a book is being completely transported to another place–the coffee shop on the corner and the farmers’ market in the square become so real, it’s like you’ve always lived there. It’s no surprise to us that New York City is a frequent choice for authors and readers alike!  These 13 books […]

5 Books to Read if you Love Pride & Prejudice

From Laurence Olivier and Peter Cushing to Colin Firth and Matthew Macfayden, Mr. Darcy has been a socially awkward, eloquent dreamboat we’ve all fallen in love with, and it’s no surprise that Jane Austen was a master of romance. In that same vein, Lauren Layne has gifted us with five books she would recommend if […]

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