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Beautiful Connections

Fictional characters–we love ’em like family. Of course, like any large family, once a series grows and grows, it’s hard to keep track of where everyone is and what they’re doing, who likes whom, etc. Well fear not, fellow readers! For today we bring you a handy guide to where everything’s at in Christina Lauren’s […]

Molly Harper’s Top (Sparkle-Free!) Vampire Couples

We asked Molly Harper, author of the delightfully off-kilter Half Moon Hollow paranormal romance series, to write us a post about romance. Naturally, the person who wrote books like NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS and FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES thought instantly of vampires–and she had a lot to say on the subject. Take it away, Molly! So […]

13 Spine-Chilling Books for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Are there cobwebs in the doorways and pumpkins on the porch and heaps of candy by the door? Got your costume ready? Well, don’t forget about one more important Halloween tradition—scary stories! Here are thirteen books to read with the lights dimmed, if you dare…   IN A DARK, DARK WOOD by Ruth […]

Half Moon Hollow, for all your Halloween Needs

It’s the day before Halloween, and you say you still haven’t decided what your costume will be? Well, maybe you just need a little inspiration! We drew ours from the world of Half-Moon Hollow, Molly Harper’s fictional Kentucky town where supernatural creatures come out at night, but their necks are still pretty red. In honor […]

Rotten Femininity: The Makings of the Ultimate Female Baddie

  For Halloween week, we tapped one of the best writers of creepy, compelling, can’t-look-away horror fiction we know…Ania Ahlborn! The author of Brother, Within These Walls and The Bird Eater joins us to talk about that special something that makes a female villain so fascinating and haunting… What characterizes the perfect villain? Is it […]

What’s Halloween without a little Blud?

And no, we didn’t misspell that…we’re talking about Blud, as in the amazing series from Delilah S. Dawson! Dawson has created a captivating, dangerous, sexy world inhabited by Bludmen–akin to vampires, but like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Mix in a little Victorian romance, a little steampunk, and you’ve got Sang, a place just slightly […]

9 Books To Read For NYCC 2015

New York Comic Con is only a few days away! And in between seeing your favorite celebrities, attending the amazing panels, marveling at the cosplayers, and meeting fellow con goers, so much time is spent waiting. Make that wait go by so much quicker with these great reads, picked especially for this year’s Comic Con!  You […]

Bad Biker Boys Keep Us Revved Up

The lazy days of summer are tailor-made for fantasy, no? That’s what we love about romance–there’s a fantasy for every taste, and plenty to choose from no matter what your type. Summertime leads our imaginations to outdoorsy pursuits–maybe you’re hiking with a cargo-shorted hottie, or floating in a rowboat watching your Prince Charming’s biceps flex with […]

Authors Susanna Kearsley and Genevieve Graham Talk Favorite Reads, eh?

Canadian historical romance authors Susanna Kearsley and Genevieve Graham stopped by the XOXO site to dish on their favorite reads of the moment! Keep reading to get to know the tastes of these two insanely talented ladies, and, if you live north of the border, catch them on their Timeless Tour, running May 9th-13th across […]

First Sign of Spring: Gorgeous New Covers!

Although it seems like winter has been about 27 months long, the sun is out in NYC and there’s hope we might just make it to spring after all. One of the toughest parts of being buried under successive snowstorms is seeing nothing but flat gray and white for days on end…but we’ve got the […]

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