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Last-Minute Gifts, $1.99 and under!

I’m sure all of you are Organized People who have finished your Christmas shopping, sent your cards, and are now just sipping mulled wine in front of a roaring fire (or whatever it is OPs do the day before Christmas). But just in case you are, or know, a Disorganized Person, perhaps you haven’t quite checked everyone […]

Do You Like to Watch (Your Books)?

As we cap off our Suspense Week, I found myself thinking about all the authors I’ve loved who achieve that apparent pinnacle of success, having their book made into a movie. I once heard from an author with many books to his credit that the best thing a writer could hope for is to have […]

Get in the Christmas Spirit!

Check out these great picks to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

Rebecca’s Lost Journals

Find all four parts of Lisa Renee Jones’ Rebecca’s Lost Journals e-serial here!

Tom Clancy & Losing a Beloved Writer

As you may have heard, Tom Clancy passed away this week after an illness. The 66-year-old mega-bestseller was the king of an entertainment empire: his techno-thrillers spawned multiple book series, films, and numerous successful video games. Although I wasn’t a regular Clancy reader, I loved the movie version of The Hunt for Red October (despite, or perhaps […]

The Redhead Series

Check out The Redhead Series by Alice Clayton!

40 Trashy Novels You Must Read

Here at XOXOAD, we love a good beach read…and what better to send off the last few hazy days of summer than this list from Flavorwire, “The 40 Trashy Novels You Must Read Before You Die“? Being a fan of all things trashy, especially fiction, I was sure there’d be hardly anything here I hadn’t […]

Kit, Gin, Demi, and Urban Fantasy Week

It’s Urban Fantasy Week here at XOXO After Dark – and we’re starting it off with a bang. No, we’re not fighting monsters like our heroines do. We’re still fairly mortal, non-mega-kick-ass-able editors after all. Rather, our celebration gets underway today with New York Times bestseller Lynn Viehl’s 50th (FIFTIETH, people!) book, Disenchanted & Co., […]

More Book Bash pics!

Next week we’ll be gearing up for RWA, but for now, let’s say farewell to Book Bash with the last of our pics from that crazy-fun, crazy-sexy, and just plain crazy event! Enjoy…              Thanks for a great time, Book Bash!


Memorial Day has come and gone, which means it’s officially the season of white pants (eh), outdoor barbeques (yes!), unbearable subway heat (ugh), and . . . WEDDINGS! Of course, weddings can happen at any time of the year, but for most of us summer tends to bring with it an onslaught of invitations. I, […]

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