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Out with the old, in with the new!

At XOXO, we know that it can be tough to choose from among all the books out there just begging for your attention…so we’ve done a little pre-screening for you! If you’ve enjoyed one of the backlist books below, check out our recommendations for a just-out romance we think will fill a similar niche in […]

Hot Guys to Track in 2018

Let’s be real, y’all: it’s freezing out, we’re wearing lots of layers, and we’re downing hot chocolate like it’s our job. To keep you nice and toasty, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite guys that we’re keeping our eye on in 2018. Baby, it’s cold outside… but these guys will have you feeling […]

Get Healthy With These Fitness & Diet Books

Whether your New Year’s Resolution is to get in shape or you’re just trying to be a bit healthier after indulging over the holidays, we’ve got you covered with a selection of diet and fitness books to help you out.

Modern Twists on Classic Books

Have you read Pride and Prejudice— or another classic– more times than you count? Or do you steer clear of classics because you prefer to read books with contemporary settings? No matter which type of reader you are, modern retellings could be just your cup of tea! And luckily, we’ve got three books we’re absolutely loving to […]

Start 2018 with our Hot Guy Almanac

We’ve compiled enough hot guy lists to get you through all of 2018! (OK, at least to get you started. We know how fast you can go through a good hot-guy list!) Sexiest Man of 2018 (Glamour UK) Glamour UK has rounded up their top 100 sexy gents to keep an eye on this year, and […]

The Gift That Always Fits

It’s the morning after, and as you look around and take stock–the dirty dishes, the wrapping paper strewn about, the relatives–you might find that you just can’t quite bring yourself to quit celebrating just yet. And lucky for you, you got some great gift cards that are one size fits all! We’re here to help […]

Skip the Download, Read These Books for Music Lovers Instead!

You’re glued to Spotify and have a favorite earbud; we categorize books into “read on my phone” “read in bed” “read on vacation” — but today, we bridge the divide! Check out these books that will win over music lovers of all stripes…

7 Reasons Why We Love Rey

Ever wanted to see what a badass looks like? See below! Rey (the newish) character from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, is a breath of fresh air and an evolution of what we knew Leia always was, a kick-ass, force using, light saber wielding, need no saving female. Shout out to […]

10 Gifts for People Who’d Rather Be Reading

Need some last minute gift inspo for the literary lover in your life? Look no further! Check out these great subscription boxes that’ll make the perfect gift. (You might just end up getting one for yourself!) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Savor the Dark Book Club for the friend with a sweet tooth Price: Starting at $40.00 What’s inside: […]

Put These Boots Under Your Bed

At XOXO, our weakness has always been cowboys (and soldiers…and billionaires…and…) so we’ve rounded up a half-dozen of the sexiest stallions west of the Mississippi! We guarantee that any one of these cowboy romances will have you trading in your hatchback for a horse and a lasso in no time flat.

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