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Author and actress Gabra Zackman returns to talk us through the newest Shonda Rhimes joint. Take it away, Gabra! Yes, I’m #adaylateandadollarshort on this blog post. Sorry y’all! I’ve had the great fortune, in the midst of doing a hot off broadway show (BEDLAM’s Sense and Sensibility) to leave it for a few days to […]

Recap: Who Is “Hot As Rocks” on The Catch?

We love our TV at XOXOAD, so we’re delighted to introduce our newest recapper, who’ll be taking on Shonda Rimes’s sexy new caper series, The Catch. Please welcome Gabra Zackman, actress, audiobook narrator, and author of the Bod Squad series of romance novels! Take it away, Gabra… A couple of weeks ago I found myself drinking […]

The Bachelor Finale: B&L Forever (But Probably Not)

Well, Bachelor Nation, another rollicking season has come to an end as of last night and the interminably long three-hour finale. I think there are some important takeaways to be had here: 1) If you show up at the Women Tell All looking sad and carrying around extra face weight, America hates you and you […]

Are you team LB or team Jojo? It’s Bachelor Finale Night!

The night we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: it’s the Bachelor finale! Who will our “Perfect TBen” choose: his true love Lauren B. or his other true love Jojo? We know who we’d like to see take home the crown ring, but we want to know your pick! Don’t forget to tell us […]

The Bachelor Women Tell All: Of Kings and Prophets and Ben

Last night’s Women Tell All episode showed us that competing on The Bachelor is a direct catalyst to a jumpsuit/bad ombre job/chartreuse lipstick fetish, and that Ben is still ‘the most popular Bachelor ever’ despite pulling a total douche move last week and telling both JoJo and Lauren that he’s in love with them. I honestly thought […]


This week’s Bachelor episode proved that Jamaica is a little slice of Fantasy Suite paradise where people go to eat lots of suspicious-looking jerk chicken, get crabs, and lose any and all sense of filter or what’s conventionally appropriate (lookin’ at you, loverboy). Continuing on our tour of third-rate vaca destinations, Ben points out all the ‘best’ […]

Here’s What We Really Think About The Oscars

It’s so difficult to write an Oscar prediction post without being biased.  Obviously, you can guess which the academy might pick but when you think someone deserves to win…. they deserve to win and to hell with the academy! Just kidding, if for whatever reason I might win an Oscar in the future, I don’t […]

Bachelor Recap: Bringing Home the Benjamin

This week was everyone’s favorite: HOMETOWNS! Always a lovely opportunity to imagine how the bachelorettes will age and determine who didn’t inherit the family nose got plastic surgery (Amanda and Jojo, lookin’ at you guys). AMANDA The episode starts off with Amanda and Ben running into each other’s arms on the beach, a scene worthy of the silver […]

The Bachelor: Get Your Dr. Scholl’s Ready, We’re Off to the Orthopedic Capital of the World

Clearly ABC decided it would be NBD to bore the shit out of us last night with a full two hours of Ben and the women in his hometown of Warsaw, IN, since they figured everyone was probs watching the Grammys anyways. Well not I, friends! This episode proved that Ben is a huge momma’s boy who couldn’t […]

The Bachelor: Hurricane Leah Hits the Bahamas, and It’s a Doozy

Last night’s episode was basically a study in what happens when an early incarnation of the Zika virus attacks all of The Bachelor contestants at once on a Bahamas vaca and turns them into sobbing, paranoid, scheming (I’m looking at you, Leah) shells of their former selves. Pull it TOGETHER, ladies, we’ve got a ways […]

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