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Bachelorette Recap: #Bach-n-Bitch?

Our stalwart Bachelorette recapper Gabra is no stranger to a hashtag, as you’ll know if you’ve read any of her The Catch recaps (#hotasrocks). So it’s no surprise that while the Bach goes dark for NBA finals, Gabra turned to Twitter! Here’s a sampling of the best #Bachelorette tweets she spotted last night… #Bachelorette Roundup […]

The Bachelorette Recap: Jocks, Rocks & Cocks

Author Gabra Zackman returns to recap the most important cultural program of our time, The Bachelorette! Will JoJo find love, or is it possible that a six-week reality show isn’t actually the most effective way to select a life mate? PROLOGUE: “It’s almost like a bad dream.”  Shakespeare, or The Bachelorette Week 4?  So begins […]

The Bachelorette Recap: Kiss From the Bros

While our usual recapper, Elana, is out on maternity leave with her brand-new Bachelor (look for him on the 2039 season), author Gabra Zackman has jumped in to make sure we don’t miss a single rose ceremony! Read on for all the rose-related antics… I’m pinch hitting Bachelorette recaps this season and am psyched to […]

The Re-Catch episodes 9 and 10 – Season Finale

  Welcome to the “Re-Catch” Season Finale!!!  The Happy Couple (episode 9) and The Wedding (episode 10) were put together, like peanut butter and chocolate, to make a mouthwatering conclusion.  Without further ado:  here are the “Cliffs Notes” (does it date me to say that or are we all still using them!??! This saved me […]


Raise your hand if you’re excited for the new season of The Bachelorette! After checking out Jojo’s potential one night stands life partners, let’s just say we’re lukewarm on how hot & heavy this season will be (I mean, hello, have you seen the guy that compares his body to a Lambo? AND the guy […]

The Re-Catch: Episode 8, The Package

    Well thank GOD spring has finally sprung in New York! This means people occasionally smile and break out the shorts and sundresses. It’s a pleasure when it all slows down for a bit and we can take a deep breath. And after a long day of wandering around Central Park with a grin, […]

The Re-Catch Episode 7: The Ringer

I’ve spent much of the week reading romance novels and bingeing my way through the final season of Downton Abbey.  AMAZING.  This could be called the best and most heart wrenching week of all times.  I’m reading one romance for pleasure, one for work and watching it all on TV.  Thank God, say I, for […]

The Re-Catch Episode 6: “The Benefactor”

by Gabra Zackman Welcome to spring?!?!?!  This is currently a question in a New York City as it feels much more like late fall.  HELP US OUT, UNIVERSE!!!  Spring in New York is my favorite… that moment when everyone starts wearing summer dresses and walking around with a smile on their face.  We wait for […]

The Kardashian Kliff Notes You Didn’t Know You Needed

Whether you love them or hate them, the Kardashians are unavoidable, and to be honest, their rise to pseudo American/Armenian royalty is interesting and confusing. It took me a very long time to figure out which was Kendall and which was Kylie, which sister was beefing with which B-list celebrity and what relationship was still on […]

The Re-Catch: “The Laragan Gambit”

by Gabra Zackman Welcome to this week’s blog on #thecatch affectionately titled “The Re-Catch.”  I’ve spent much of the week in one kind of trauma or another.  My show closed last weekend, I’m nursing an injured foot, I was pushing a deadline on recording a book on Tibetan Meditation and one of my childhood icons […]

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