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Bachelor Recap: From Past Slights to Northern Lights

Hello, Bachelorinas! The universe smiled down upon your exhausted recapper, still recovering from yesterday’s long night of Oscar-watching (and the better-than-Shyamalan twist ending!), and made tonight’s episode only an hour long. Wow, remember when TV used to just be an hour, or sometimes even half an hour? How much more did our forebears accomplish? Boggles […]

Bachelor Recap: Stressing over blessing

We’re back on the long slog of Bachelorizing, as Nick has sent Kristina packing. Rather than bothering to make everyone get all dressed up and stressed when they can already count, he comes back into the house with four roses for the four remaining women, who sigh with relief (or resignation?). Hometowns for all! Nick […]

Bachelor Recap: Why Do I Even Bother?

Before we begin tonight’s what-we’ll-loosely-call-festivities, let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: the internet has spoiled tonight’s episode, and perhaps the series, by revealing that Rachel will be the first black Bachelorette! On one hand, I’m delighted–she is clearly the best of this batch of contestants, and way too good for Nick. But on the […]

Bachelor Recap: Night of the Long Thorns

It’s been suggested to me that perhaps this show doesn’t warrant a 10,000 word recap as though it were War and Peace. While I think that War and Lust-Mistaken-for-Love-after-Six-Weeks deserves some unpacking, I see the point. So I’m going to rein it in this week and just give you the broad strokes. Like Nick is wanting to […]

Game Time Snack Inspirations For The Win

You’ve probably already got the usual SB Sunday snacks ready and are more than likely looking to indulge in the extra wing or two, but just in case you’re looking for some new recipes, we’ve got you covered!

Bachelor recap: A relationship built on whipped cream and lies

I’ve tried to start this recap three times already, but I’m exhausted from the week’s news, and then Bachelor opens with Taylor and Corinne bitching at each other endlessly, and I can’t even. As predicted, Corinne gets pissed when Taylor calls her immature, so she flips the script and basically tells Taylor that she’s a […]

Bachelor Recap: The Farmer’s Date from Hell

A nor’easter is storming up the coast and New York is cold, wet and wild, like a Bachelor contestant at a waterpark date the episode before hometown visits. So let’s not waste any time getting into tonight’s recap! We pick up where we left off last week, with Vanessa holding Nick’s feet to the fire […]

The Bachelor Recap: Tell Me Why (Nick Did This 4 Times)

Hello, BachFans! I’m back to recap another step of our journey–our journey to watch one man repeatedly try to find love on television. What could possibly go wrong? We pick up right where we left off last week–Nick has shown Liz the door, not believing that she was (say it with me) here for the right reasons. […]

The Bachelor Recap Takes Its Top Off

Hello, XOXO Nation! After a week of rest to survey the terrain, we’re back with recaps of The Bachelor, or as the original pilot was called, Regrettable Decisions Live. Buckle your seatbelts, top up your wine glasses, and prepare for another season of hair extensions, lip plumpers and spray tan. (And that’s just your recapper!) via GIPHY […]

Gilmore Girls: To Binge or Not To Binge

Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for your continued readership, support, and love of all things romance! via GIPHY While we’re sure you’re preparing for Thanksgiving dinner we thought we might help you plan your post-turkey festivities. Netflix has made every 90’s tv watcher’s dream come true by bringing back Gilmore Girls in a 4 part […]

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