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Quiz time! Can you tell the twins apart?

Identical twins… creepy, cool, and downright nigh on impossible to tell apart sometimes.  We’re excited about The Mirror Sisters, the first in this startling new series about a set of twins from our favorite author of all things dark and forbidden… We’ll just say this: Identical twins + perfectionism don’t mix well. You know you […]

Quiz: Match these classic novels with their authors

Since our XOXOAD members are readers through and through, we bet you’ll do great on this quiz! Can you match all 30 of these classic novels with their authors in just 60 seconds? Ready…set…click!

Quiz: Which Half-Moon Hollow Heroine Are You?

Molly Harper’s Half-Moon Hollow series has some seriously kick-ass heroines. Take Molly’s quiz to see if you’re an Andrea, Jane, Jolene, Ophelia or Gigi and let us know in the comments!

Quiz: How Hot Are You?

In Kelly Killoren Bensimon’s debut novel, A Dangerous Age, Lucy is a chic journalist who once took New York y storm, but is secretly falling apart at the seams.  Luckily, Lucy’s best girlfriends are by her side to hold her together.  During one of their monthly girl’s night-in, Lucy is working on an Are You Hot quiz for Cosmo. […]

Quiz: How Big a Tracers Expert Are You?

With the publication of DEEP DARK this week, Laura Griffin has published a total of 10 books in her New York Times bestselling Tracers series. So for the fans of these heart-pounding romantic suspense novels, she’s created a little quiz to test your mettle. How well do you know the Tracers? Would you be a welcome addition […]

Take The XO Quiz!

When we spotted this quiz on Sporcle, we knew we had to bring it back here to our site! Press “play” to begin–how many of these words containing “xo” can you match to their definitions?

What type of Dog is your boyfriend?

Yesterday, Jezebel introduced us to, whose original purpose was to help you identify your dog breed and its characteristics.  However, once we started to upload our own pictures we discovered how much fun and how oddly on point they were at matching our pictures to the correct dog personality. After loading in everyone’s office photos, […]

MY SWEET AUDRINA by V.C. Andrews – Excerpt + Quiz!

Get your popcorn ready, because Lifetime TV will be premiering My Sweet Audrina, the movie based on V.C. Andrew’s book of the same title, on January 9th, 2016 at 8 PM Eastern! We hope you’re as excited as we are to see Audrina and the rest come to life on the screen. To celebrate, we’re bringing […]

Quiz: What should you read next?

It’s a new year! With the previous year behind us and the future so bright, what’s to stop us from doing anything we desire? …Well, the cold. When the winter chill becomes unbearable and the last thing you want to do is go outside, what can you do? Immerse yourself in a book and let […]

Quiz: What should your New Year’s Resolution be?

It’s never too late to start your New Year’s resolution and sometimes the hardest part is picking a resolution.  Luckily, we’ve created a quiz to help you find your 2016 resolution. Take the quiz below and let us know in the comments what your New Year’s resolution is.

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