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Take the Crimson Romance Holiday Quiz!

Our friends at Crimson Romance have designed a quiz to match you with your perfect holiday read…which book will you be asking Santa for? Click here for the quiz!

It’s Thor: READnarok!

If you are an Avengers addict, you’ve probably already seen Thor: Ragnarok twice, because it’s been out since Friday. So if you need a new Valhalla-flavored dose of fun (or just need something to read while you’re waiting in line for the next showing), we’re here to help you select the perfect romance for your type! […]

So you wanna be a CSI?

New York Times bestseller Laura Griffin’s beloved Tracers series is known for its gripping forensic details. Each novel sheds light on a fascinating element of crime scene investigation, and TOUCH OF RED (out tomorrow!) focuses on just how crucial a role fingerprints can play in an investigation. Read on for some fun facts, and take […]

Which Dirty Book Club Character Are You?

Lisi Harrison’s new book, The Dirty Book Club, has been out for two whole weeks now, so we fully expect that you’re already making plans to start a dirty book club of your own. In case you’re still on the fence, let us show you just how perfectly you’d fit in by matching you with your […]

Pizza Toppings Reveal Your Romantic Fate

Take our pizza quiz and reveal exactly what kind of romantic you are based on the toppings you choose. Trust us, it’s very scientific.    

Can You Call Yourself a Rom-Com Expert?

We are rom-com addicts at XOXOAD, so we’re pretty sure we’ll ace this ’90s Rom-Com checklist from Buzzfeed. How many have you seen? Do you know your Best Friend’s Wedding from your Runaway Bride? Click the pic and take the quiz, then tell us how many you’ve seen in the comments. We’ll award you with an official XOXO […]

Who is your celeb BFF?

Ever dream of being best friends with a celebrity? Or thought you and a celebrity would get along great if you two could only meet?  Well, that’s what the book IMAGINES: BEST FRIEND/NIGHT EVER is all about! Check out IMAGINES: BEST FRIEND/NIGHT EVER and then take our “Who is your celeb BFF” quiz to see […]

Your Dream BFF is Just a Click Away!

Ever wish your dream celebrity crush could be your BFF in real life? Now they can! Well, sort of. In Imagines: Not Only in Your Dreams, you become the star of five stories alongside your celebrities you wish were your BFFs—Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf), Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner), Cameron Dallas (YouTube), Dan Howell (The Amazing Book is Not […]

Idris Elba vs. Matthew McConaughey

We here at XOXO LOVE a good summer action movie–not because of the action, but because of all of the hotties that make their way to the big screen! Next week’s big box office release is THE DARK TOWER, starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. So we have to ask you, readers: who would win […]

Are you a Donna or a Corliss?

It takes a special kind of girl to get accepted into Spindrift Academy. First, she has to be smart–like, genius-level brilliant. But is that a “save the world” genius or more of the supervillain type? New students Corliss and Donna are about to find out in V.C. Andrews’ mindblowing modern gothic novellas, prequels to her full-length […]

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