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A Golden Age of Geekdom (kicking off #SDCC)

Michael R. Underwood’s Celebromancy hits e-stores today–just in time for San Diego Comic Con. (Anyone need plane reading on their way to the West Coast? Hint. Hint.) In this follow-up to Geekomancy, which first portrayed Underwood’s unique urban fantasy world driven by the powers of fandom, we find Geekomancer Ree Reyes battling Hollywood, and those […]

Author Mia March, on the question no reader has to ask!

Mia March is the author of The Meryl Streep Movie Club and Finding Colin Firth, on sale now from Gallery Books! Very few readers have asked me why I wrote a novel called Finding Colin Firth–because it’s so danged obvious! Who doesn’t want a Colin Firth of her own? Since I first saw the Oscar-winning […]

We had a blast at Book Bash! Photopalooza…

We had an amazing time at Book Bash, whether visiting with fans at the signing, celebrating with new Gallery and Pocket authors, or line dancing with everyone at the afterparty. (OK, we didn’t line dance–too uncoordinated for that!) Here’s a look at what went on…        

XOXO goes to Book Bash!

OK, so not all of us got to attend the Book Bash signing event in Orlando this weekend…but as you can see from the attached, we were there in spirit!   For more up-to-the-minute impressions of Book Bash, check out our WayIn page here: Book Bash WayIn.

Virtual Book Bash

So maybe you, like me, aren’t making it to Orlando this weekend for Book Bash. But you still wish you could join in all the fun, right? Well, here’s one way you can get a little taste of the action: Check out our Book Bash page on the new site, WayIn! This pulls in all […]

Book Bash! Are You Going?

Have you heard about Book Bash? This massive book-signing event is taking place in Orlando this Saturday, with over fifty authors there to sign books, meet fans, and answer questions. Founded by Maryse’s Book Blog, this event features a ton of indie authors, traditionally published authors, and those who’ve crossed over one way or the […]

Paranormal Romance Strikes Blow for 1st Amendment

                    How much do we love this article that ran in today’s Prison inmates are not allowed to have “obscene” reading material, apparently, but in the case of Andres Martinez, the book corrections officers confiscated was paranormal erotica–The Silver Crown, a Black Lace title, by […]

Welcome to XOXO After Dark!

Come on in, look around! We’re very pleased to be welcoming e-friends both old and new to our shiny new site, where we’ll be discussing all the latest in romance, urban fantasy and women’s fiction. And not just books–publishing news, popular culture, the latest Benedict Cumberbatch tumblr, whatever we’re interested in that might appeal to readers […]

This or That: Covers Edition

Allison Pang, author of A BRUSH OF DARKNESS and A SLIVER OF SHADOW recently blogged about covers over at Reading Between the Lines. She makes many excellent points, such as that publishers try to find a cover that will appeal to the widest audience, but two readers might react completely differently to the same cover. To […]

Books as Movies

So many of my favorite books are being adapted (or readapted) into films this year—The Hunger Games was great and the Catching Fire trailer are out, The Great Gatsby film is in theaters now, an Ender’s Game adaptation is coming soon, and even one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allen Poe, has shown up on the big screen […]

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