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Publishing Hackathon at BEA

UPDATE, 5/31: The big winner of the hackathon was Evoke, the team that build the mood-inspired YA recommendation engine! So have you heard about hackathons? Being a child of pen and paper, I had only the barest understanding of what they are–basically, they’re short-term, high-speed contests where developers get together to generate apps. So what’s […]

A Trip to England with Candace Camp

New York Times bestselling author Candace Camp has been writing Regency-set historical romances for years, but just last summer she had the chance to visit England and actually see some of the places that she’s featured in her books!  As you would expect, she took plenty of photos, and she’s sharing some with us here. […]

Great Reads for Under $1.99

Something for every reader, all for less than two bucks! And we have new selections all the time. See below for what’s on sale now or available for preorder…

Erotic e-serials: Only 99 cents apiece!

Looking for a quick and sexy read that doesn’t make your wallet sweat? Try some of Pocket Star’s latest e-serials! The MISS CHATTERLEY series is a modern retelling of that erotic classic of English literature, Lady Chatterley’s Lover. In Logan Belle’s version, however, Connie Chatterley is the neglected wife of a Silicon Valley mogul who […]

Urban Fantasy Roundtable (video)

Seressia Glass, Jennifer Estep, Jenna Black and Allison Pang get together to talk about Urban Fantasy in this video:


Happy Friday, everyone! On Fridays I love to participate in #FridayReads by sharing what I’m reading on Twitter and finding out what everyone else is reading, too. This week, I’m reading Stephen King’s 11/22/63 on my Kindle. It’s an 800-page whopper in print, but obviously it weighs nothing as an eBook, so I love that […]

A Conversation with Jennifer Estep & Allison Pang

To celebrate URBAN FANTASY MONTH here on Pocket After Dark, we decided to get two of our dynamic Pocket authors to e-sit down and e-chat with e-chother about their respective series! JENNIFER ESTEP writes the Elemental Assassin series, which tells of the life (and many deaths) of the city of Ashland, where Gin Blanco, the assassin known as […]

Gene Hackman on his Motivation to Create

The Thriller Week festivities continue here at XOXO After Dark! How many times have you heard someone say, “When I retire, I’m going to write a book”? Here’s a brief reflection on the creative process from one such writer who might surprise you: Academy Award-winning actor Gene Hackman! In recent years, Gene has turned his […]

From Self-Pub to Print

Those of you who also follow us on Twitter may have seen that recently I participated in a chat with author Adrianne Wood, whose western romance, BADLANDS BRIDE, is out now. It was a great chat, and we talked a lot about the self-publishing phenomenon, because Adrianne first published BADLANDS BRIDE as a Nook exclusive, […]

Allison Pang: Novelist & Gamer Girl

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled XOXO After Dark program to bring you this special broadcast, erm, blog topic. We all love, love, LOVE to read, right? Especially things that are romance-y or urban fantasy-y. But what else do you love to do? I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation with someone where you mention in passing […]

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