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Jennifer Echols on the Best Kinds of Friends, and what makes her writing work!

Jennifer Echols dishes on the release of her new book, her writing process, and the invaluable friendships she’s formed in the publishing industry. Read on, and be sure to check out Playing Dirty, now available from Pocket Books!  Playing Dirty is my lucky number thirteen. That’s how many romances I’ve written for Simon & Schuster. […]

Tangled Author Emma Chase, on what makes a sex scene really sing!

After my debut romantic comedy, Tangled, was released in May of this year, I had life-long friends call and ask me if I had a secret double life. Perhaps I was hiding a “red room of pain” in my basement? They couldn’t reconcile the “me” they knew with the sizzling, explicit voice of Drew Evans. […]


Enjoy this exclusive excerpt from the #1 New York Times bestselling novelist, Karen Kingsbury, America’s favorite inspirational storyteller. THE BRIDGE is a heartwarming Christmas story about a hundred-year flood, lost love, and the beauty of enduring friendships. She should have said something. Even now, seven years later, with Thanksgiving dishes put away and another lonely December rushing up at […]


24-Hour Superpower In honor of Book 4 in the MetaWars series, Chimera, coming out November 11, as well as a value-priced eBook bundle of all four titles in the MetaWars series coming that same day, we asked urban fantasy writer extraordinaire Kelly Meding to come visit us on XOXO. Learn what she would do if […]


Writing Black and Blue was not fun.  That’s right.  I said not.  And I totally meant it!  I wrote the book without any problems—and, since I’m being honest, without any real love for it—then turned it in and waited for my editor’s feedback. She wasn’t a fan. When she listed the problems she had with […]


Who doesn’t remember reading their first V.C. Andrews book, by flashlight, under the covers, feeling like you were stealing some secret knowledge from the universe? For decades the gothic, mysterious, and forbidden worlds of V.C. Andrews have entertained us. So, in honor of that feeling (and the new Flowers in the Attic TV movie coming […]

Two Sides of the Creepy Coin

One of our Pocket Star authors who loves all things creepy is here to talk about Halloween. And for Sophie Littlefield, it’s not just about fear, costumes, and candy corn. Sophie tells us how trick-or-treating with her kids and indulging in slasher films have combined to shape the way she builds her own novels.   […]

Halloween Treats w/Matthew Quinn Martin

Today for XOXO After Dark’s Halloween week, we welcome author and screenwriter Matthew Quinn Martin, whose horror novel NIGHTLIFE is now available from Pocket Star (and currently on sale for a mere $1.99!). We asked Matthew for a guest post on what Halloween means to him, and what we got surprised us. Be sure to […]

Suspense author Christopher Rice talks the fear of the unknown

The shark didn’t work: I repeated these words to myself often when it was time to write one of the scarier scenes in my new supernatural thriller, The Heavens Rise. If you’re anything like me, there was your childhood before you saw the opening sequence of Stephen Spielberg’s Jaws— and then there was your childhood […]

Kresley Cole chats about Immortals After Dark

Author Kresley Cole sat down to talk about her Immortals After Dark audiobook series with us. But she also gave rave reviews of her narrator, Robert Petkoff. Give it a listen in a sneak peek of the audiobook of Macrieve. KC: I couldn’t be more delighted with the audio adaptations of the Immortals After Dark […]

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