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Alice Clayton chats about author first-times!

So the first book I ever wrote — the first piece of fiction in fact — was relaunched this October 15th by my new family at Simon & Schuster. The pictures started coming in from readers as early as this past weekend, pictures they had snapped at bookstores from Portland OR to Orlando FL. My […]

ReShonda Tate Billingsley: “Inspiration is everywhere!”

As a former television news reporter, I’m observant by nature. I’m always listening, taking in my surroundings (and yes, sometimes, eavesdropping) because you never know when the makings of a good story are in the works. From the coffee shop to the grocery store, no one is immune from inspiring the next, great (or villainous) […]

The excerpt you’ve all been waiting for…MINE BY KATY EVANS!

Hey, y’all!  Sorry, didn’t mean to get all Tami Taylor on you, but we’re over the moon here today – because after months of nail-biting anticipation, we finally have the first sneak peek into Mine by Katy Evans!  Katy’s first book in the series, Real, focused on bad-boy underground fighter Remington “Riptide” Tate as he […]

Hey, Jude – Facebook me!

When I asked my Facebook ladies what I should write for this blog, as usual, they came up with a zillion great ideas. One of the main ones was what advice I would give myself if Iwere just starting out. What first came to mind is Get Rid of Him NOW. But I don’t think […]

Happy Halloween!

Get your spook on with these great reads!

Cover Reveal and Excerpt!!! Strings of Fate by Deirdre Dore

Deirdre Dore writes: The first time I saw the cover of this book, I gasped. I felt like the girl on the cover was the exact image of the character in my book, down to the expression on her face. And then to see my name on it and think back to the first time […]

Anton Strout talks Genre and Conventions

New York Comic Con is once again descending on Manhattan (Oct 10th-13th), making me thinking of all the conventions I get to attend as America’s Favorite Lower Midlist Urban Fantasy Author™. I’ve found myself a welcome guest of honor/speaker at a wide variety of conventions, which sort of came as a surprise, given that my […]

Meet Indie Kingmaker Maryse!

If you’re a fan of indie-pubbed authors like Katy Evans, Abbi Glines or Kristen Proby, then you’re probably already familiar with Maryse of Maryse’s Book Blog–one of the major voices on the self-pub scene. Maryse’s voracious reading habits and just as enthusiastic blogging habits have made her a go-to expert on indie novels that people […]

The Other Side of Kelly Gay: Meet Kelly Keaton!

  XOXOAD is happy to offer Kelly Gay’s first novel in her Charlie Madigan series as a free read this month (see it up there in the right hand corner?). But did you know that Kelly Gay, author of The Better Part of Darkness, also writes a YA series under the name Kelly Keaton? As […]

Superhero Boyfriends, on a Scale of 1 to 10

It’s New York Comic Con week here at XOXOAD! We love all the cosplay, the announcements about hot new shows/movies, and most of all, the books! Today we’re happy to have a guest post from Molly Harper, author of multiple humorous paranormal romances, and a fan of jiu jitsu, vampires, and comic books. Today, Molly […]

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