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Excerpt of A Terrible Love by Marata Eros

Jass Mackey has spent the last two years trying to disappear into a false identity she created to hide from a killer, but an encounter with a sexy stranger who seems to know her secret is about to tear down the wall she’s worked so hard to build around herself… Ballet was my life—before. I […]

The Great Historical Writers Debate from Alexa Egan

The Great Debate …at least among historical romance writers always seems to be; how do we balance accurately depicting our era while at the same time making it accessible to the average reader? This dilemma can take many forms, but the one I want to discuss today is historical detail. A confession before we begin: […]

Kate Emerson on the “Philippa Gregory Genre”

Historical fiction author Kate Emerson recounts how a thirty-year-old idea became the inspiration for her “Secrets of the Tudor Court” series. When I was growing up, some of my favorite books were biographies written for young people. I can remember reading the life stories of Nellie Bly, Florence Nightingale, Catherine the Great, and Elizabeth the […]

Why I Don’t Write Historical Fiction, by Deborah Raney

Today XOXO After Dark is pleased to welcome bestselling inspirational author Deborah Raney, author of dozens of novels, including her most recent, THE FACE OF THE EARTH, now available from Howard Books. We know fans of historical fiction come from many places, so we thought it would be fun to hear from an author who […]

With Friends Like These… Your Enemies Are Screwed

Gin Blanco, aka the Spider, aka star of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series, may be a hired killer, but she knows what family and friendship mean. So her enemies in the urban fantasy world of Ashland better know you mess with anybody she loves, and you become a body. Apparently someone didn’t get the memo, […]

Holding Out for a Hero

MUST LOVE FANGS author Jessica Sims chats about romantic heroes!   There’s just something about a romance hero. He’s always a bit larger than life, of course. Never has anything but a six pack of abs, a sexy smile, and an absolute and complete fascination with the heroine. His hair might be long and flowing…or […]


XOXO After Dark generally focuses on romance, urban fantasy and women’s fiction, but we love the opportunity to share other books and authors that we think will appeal to our readers. WEEKENDS WITH DAISY is one such book–this memoir, by Sharron Kahn Luttrell, chronicles her year as a weekend puppy raiser, co-training a service dog […]


XOXO After Dark is delighted to host two amazing romantic suspense authors today! NYT bestselling authors Laura Griffin and Allison Brennan have been writer-friends for years, and below, tell us a little bit about romantic suspense, the writer’s life, and their brand-new joint project, CRASH AND BURN. Welcome, Laura and Allison! XOXO After Dark: What […]

Three Sizzling New Covers for THE FETISH QUEEN by Nicole Camden!

Erotica sensation Nicole Camden, author of THE FETISH BOX, shares the covers for her new Erotica Serialization THE FETISH QUEEN, coming this spring from Pocket Star! “I love my new book covers! The Fetish Queen, the second set of stories surrounding a fetish shop in Florida (which started with The Fetish Box), has a true diva for a heroine and the […]

Excerpt from Me Since You by Laura Wiess

Ever since the night her police officer father couldn’t prevent a man from committing suicide–and a YouTube video of the incident promptly went viral– Rowan’s life has been in complete tailspin mode: her friends have alienated her at school, the media has been haranguing her family, and, worst of all, her father has become someone […]

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