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Binge-worthy couples to swoon over

New York Times bestselling author Chantal Fernando took a break from writing this week to stop by and share her favorite legal Lotharios and attractive attorney duos. Check out the list below, and be sure to download your copy of Approaching the Bench today!   Chantal writes: Hey everyone! I can’t help but love couples who flex their […]

Sweet deals on these romance gems!

These classic romances are each only $1.99 in ebook for a limited time, so snap them up now!

From Pauper to Princess in this new book

An orphaned girl discovers at her mom’s funeral that she has a wealthy, glamorous family she didn’t know about? You’ve already got our attention. But combine it with a fish-out-of-water story and the hint of even more family scandals bubbling to the surface, and we know what we’re reading this weekend! Here’s the description of this page-turning […]

These ebooks are cheap dates!

No, we’re not insulting them–we just mean they’re on sale! Here are this week’s ebook deals:

Why are we so obsessed with Jane Austen?

XOXO knows that book lovers are movie lovers too. BY THE BOOK author Julia Sonneborn—whose novel is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s PERSUASION—shares some of her favorite book-to-screen adaptations. Bonus: most of them feature brooding Brits who will make you weak at the knees. BY THE BOOK is out today! Last semester, when I […]

Follow the Taste of Temptation!

Critically-acclaimed author Julia Kelly is back with the second sizzling installment in her Matchmaker of Edinburgh series! Accomplished matchmaker Moira Sullivan knows that sometimes, the most unlikely pair can be the most entertaining. And when Caroline Burkett, the infamous Englishwoman who sued her fiancé for breaking their engagement, arrives in Scotland to escape scrutiny in […]

The only Double Standards we love

“Judith McNaught makes you laugh, cry, and fall in love again” (RT Book Reviews), especially in this romance taking place in the glittering world of the business elite. Nick Sinclair, the ruggedly handsome president of Global Industries, handles his business the way he handles his women: with charm, daring, and complete self-control. But to his […]

A Devilishly Sexy Romance

Looking for a little romance to snuggle up with on these cold, dreary nights? Don’t miss the newly reissued gem from New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries, DON’T BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL! (And if you love this one like we do, you can snap up the rest of the School for Heiresses books below…) […]

This week’s hottest e-book deals

We’ve scouted a bounty of e-book deals for you, with great stories as low as 99 cents. So empty out your purse, grab a couple of quarters, and buy yourself something to read!

Appreciate the Man, Appreciate the Can

One thing that all us ladies can appreciate is a tall, strapping… beer can? That’s right, it’s beer can appreciation day! Now, is this our favorite holiday of the year? No. Is it even mentioned on our meticulously kept calendars? Not really! But, we will take any excuse to spend some time with a handsome […]

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