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Hot Sabrina Jeffries Reads, Just in Time for Hot End-of-Summer Weekend!

What’s on tap for your holiday weekend? Are you hoping to spend all day every day at the beach soaking up the last bit of summer? Or maybe your weekend is packed with family-fun activities. Whether you want to get swept away by Prince Charming or just to dive into a great book that’s so […]

5 Hacks for Better Work/Life Balance from USA Today bestseller Lauren Layne

Hi everyone, Lauren Layne here! I’m in that crazy-giddy time in an author’s life known as “release week,” where we spend a lot of time self-talking, like. “Be cool, LL. Just be chill. Do NOT yell at strangers and insist they go buy your book.” This self-talk works about half the time. Mostly we authors […]

Kresley Cole Knows A Good Audiobook Speaks Volumes

Driving to the beach or sitting by the pool? Summer is the perfect time to get your favorite reads on the go with audiobooks! And anyone who has listened to Kresley Cole’s audiobooks knows that her amazing narrator Robert Petkoff slays accents and melts hearts. Watch the video below to find out why she #loveaudiobooks […]

10 Tips for Surviving Your Friendcation, by Jane Heller

We’re delighted to welcome New York Times bestselling author Jane Heller to the blog today! She comes bearing excellent advice for those of you considering a getaway with your besties–a “friendcation,” as she puts it. Enjoy her words of wisdom, as well as her new novel, Three Blonde Mice, available on shelves now. (And check out […]

The Five Steamiest Sex Scenes Ever. Of All Time.

As July comes to a close and August begins, Pocket Star author Stephanie Haefner is sharing the summer heat by bringing us a list of her top five favorite sex scenes in movies. Stephanie’s new eBook original, One Size Fits All, is on sale now.   I have no shame in admitting I adore a good sex […]

Novellas and short stories – Do you read them?

Here with us today, to talk about the extra goodies readers can get their hands on in her bestselling Elemental Assassin series, is author Jennifer Estep! Hear her take on why she writes short stories and novellas for her characters, and then grab a copy of UNWANTED, her newest novella, out today! Unwanted, e-novella #14.5 […]

Show Me Your Brain: The Overlap of Geeky and Kinky

  With the rise of geek culture with movies like The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and this season’s AMAZING Game of Thrones penultimate episode (no spoilers, but WOW), it only makes sense that literature do the same! Elia Winters, author of the upcoming Slices of Pi series, stopped by XOXO After […]

5 Reasons Romeo & Juliet Isn’t a Romance

William Shakespeare is probably most famous for his love story, Romeo & Juliet, the story of a Montague and a Capulet who, despite both of their families hating each other, fall in love and die for one another. Sounds romantic, right? Well, resident author Sabrina Jeffries stopped by XOXO After Dark to give her thoughts on […]

Mariah Stewart’s Summer Countdown: The DRIFTWOOD POINT Author’s 5 Faves of the Season

As summer starts to heat up and people are coming out of their homes to soak up the sun, we found ourselves wondering what to do with all the glorious daylight. Thankfully, Mariah Stewart, author of the Chesapeake series, gave us a list of five of what she calls VIT (Very Important Things) to fill […]

Does This Pre-Teen Know the Secret to Publishing?

At XOXOAD, we’re always interested in how our authors balance their work and family lives, and today Molly Harper, author of the Half Moon Hollow series of paranormal romances, lifted the veil on her secret: use the kids! But when you have a kid as smart (and smart-alecky) as Molly’s daughter Darcy, that comes with […]

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