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FALL INTO LOVE with Melody Anne’s Fantasy Land!

New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne is back with another installment in her beloved Unexpected Heroes series! And she stopped by XOXOAD to chat about how the writing process went for this brand new novella. Don’t miss ONCE TAKEN, and four other full-length novels in our delightful new anthology, FALL INTO LOVE, on sale […]

Want the magic formula for romance? Click Here!

Author Lauren Layne knows a thing or two about writing the perfect romance (just look at her popular Wedding Belles series for proof!). Want to know the insiders’ trick to all romances? Read on to find out! Lauren’s next book, TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH, is now available from Pocket Books!  The romance genre gets […]

The 5 Most Romantic Things To Do In San Francisco

Pepper Harding is the author of the dreamy, charming love story, The Heart of Henry Quantum, about a man who sets out in search of the perfect Christmas gift and stumbles upon the woman who got away. After all, anything can happen in San Francisco!   It just so happens I live in the most romantic […]

Beyond Amelia–Lost Pilots and Found Stories

XOXOAD is pleased to welcome bestselling author Laurie Notaro to the blog! While many of you may be familiar with her narrative nonfiction, in Crossing the Horizon she plunges into history to write this soaring adventure of a rarely-told group–the daring aviatrices of the early 20th century. And as it turns out, it took almost as […]

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Today XOXO welcomes Julia Kelly, author of a sparkling new series of Regency romances! The Governess series begins with The Governess Was Wicked, and Book 2, The Governess Was Wanton, is available now–and you won’t have to wait long for number 3, The Governess Was Wild, coming next month. Here, Julia tells us about the inspiration for her second […]

Of Mice and Men–with Blood Magic!!

Editor Adam here . . . Each time I get to talk about Jeff Somer’s Ustari Cycle books, I get a big ol’ smile on my face. And with New York Comic Con kicking off this week, what better time than now? This is for two reasons—one, because Jeff is an amazing storyteller with a […]

7 things you should avoid doing if visited by a handsome immortal stranger

When it comes to immortals, debut author Colin Gigl knows what he’s talking about. Trust us when we say that this is some free advice that you really shouldn’t pass up! And if you think you’re ready to test the field, go check out THE FERRYMAN INSTITUTE, out now, especially if you like a bit […]

Why Animal Rescue is the Best Place to Get Your New Best Friend

In this post, veteran mystery author Chrystle Fiedler discusses a “pet” issue of hers, one that plays an important role in all her great mysteries. Don’t miss her latest, Dandelion Dead, available now in print and ebook! All of the books in my natural remedies mystery series focus on animal rescue. In Dandelion Dead, the […]

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

In Kate Meader’s latest sizzling installment in the Hot in Chicago series, SPARKING THE FIRE, out Tuesday from Pocket Books, brooding Wyatt gets a second chance at lust (and maybe even love) with a woman from his past. Kate joins us on the blog today to talk second chance romances and why we just can’t […]

But… you don’t have those parts! Writing male/male romance as a woman

Slices of Pi series author Elia Winters stops by to tell us what it was like to write male/male romance in the trilogy’s final book SINGLE PLAYER, out on September 26th from Pocket Star! Before jumping into this juicy story, be sure to read the first two books in the series: EVEN ODDS and TIED SCORE! Warning, the […]

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