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Claire McDougall on Scotland & her novel VEIL OF TIME

XOXOAD is excited to welcome author and poet Claire R. McDougall and celebrate the publication of her debut novel, VEIL OF TIME.  Maggie Livingstone comes to a remote Scottish village to recover from a tragic loss and the collapse of her marriage, but to her shock, she finds herself waking up in the 8th-century version […]

Kim Barnouin Is Just a Skinny Bitch in Love!

Kim Barnouin joins us at XOXO today to share the story of how she met her husband, the great romance of her life that inspired her to try her hand at writing a love story… and the rest is history! SKINNY BITCH IN LOVE is out in paperback now, with SKINNY BITCH GETS HITCHED to […]


XOXO AD is thrilled to introduce to y’all fan fic phenom Helena Hunting! She got her start in the fan fiction world with her debut novel, Clipped Wings, which is a New Adult love story that follows the touch-and-go relationship of Hayden and Tenley; two people who desperately want to love and be loved but […]

A Summerset Abbey Throwdown

T.J Brown’s Summerset Abbey series has a whole lot of powerful women vying for their place. In this highly entertaining guest post, T.J sets them against some formidable foes and predicts how they would fare. Throwdown I drew some of my inspiration for Summerset Abbey from Downton Abbey-the sprawling estate, the time period, the three […]

Jennie Shortridge on Sex in Love Water Memory

Jennie Shortridge has written five acclaimed novels, including Love Water Memory and When She Flew. When she’s not writing or volunteering, she stays busy as a co-founder of, a nonprofit collective of authors whose mission is to promote literacy in their community. Somewhere in this busy lifestyle, she’s made time to create this wonderful […]

John Dixon on his Big Night

John Dixon’s Phoenix Island was released a couple weeks ago and has since seen widespread critical acclaim and the accompanying success of Intelligence, the new show his novel inspired. For the up and coming debut novelist, these last couple of weeks have been a flurry of pats on the back and excitement. It’s success like […]

Don your tiara and learn the Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero!

Can you imagine dating a member of the royal family? I definitely could. I think I can handle the princess waves to the crowd (I mean, if Anne Hathaway can master it…). And I could definitely get used to the wardrobe! Ugh, those L.K. Bennett nude pumps would never come off! Beloved author Harriet Evans […]

NYT bestselling author Jan Burke’s new series!

New York Times bestselling suspense author Jan Burke has a brand new e-book collection out oh so soon! Since it features beloved characters Frank Harriman and Irene Kelly, Jan chats with us about what it was like to write these brilliant and lovable people. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Caught Red-Handed, an e-book collection of four of my short stories, […]

Revenge, Sex, and the Wrong Thing that Feels So Right

New York Times bestselling author Kyra Davis dishes to XOXOAD about writing the Pure Sin Series. Read on to find out some tidbits from the beloved erotica author herself!   There isn’t a human being over five who hasn’t at one point in their life, longed for revenge. Sometimes it’s after we’re cut off on […]

Exclusive excerpt from THE ESCAPE by Shoshanna Evers!

The Escape © 2014 Shoshanna Evers  Barker couldn’t tear his eyes away from her full breasts, naked and so beautiful. It had been too long. God, how he wanted to wrap her in his arms and forget everything, for just one night. No. Don’t do it. You can’t do it. “Put your shirt on, Jenna.” […]

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