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John Dixon on his Big Night

John Dixon’s Phoenix Island was released a couple weeks ago and has since seen widespread critical acclaim and the accompanying success of Intelligence, the new show his novel inspired. For the up and coming debut novelist, these last couple of weeks have been a flurry of pats on the back and excitement. It’s success like […]

Don your tiara and learn the Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero!

Can you imagine dating a member of the royal family? I definitely could. I think I can handle the princess waves to the crowd (I mean, if Anne Hathaway can master it…). And I could definitely get used to the wardrobe! Ugh, those L.K. Bennett nude pumps would never come off! Beloved author Harriet Evans […]

NYT bestselling author Jan Burke’s new series!

New York Times bestselling suspense author Jan Burke has a brand new e-book collection out oh so soon! Since it features beloved characters Frank Harriman and Irene Kelly, Jan chats with us about what it was like to write these brilliant and lovable people. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Caught Red-Handed, an e-book collection of four of my short stories, […]

Revenge, Sex, and the Wrong Thing that Feels So Right

New York Times bestselling author Kyra Davis dishes to XOXOAD about writing the Pure Sin Series. Read on to find out some tidbits from the beloved erotica author herself!   There isn’t a human being over five who hasn’t at one point in their life, longed for revenge. Sometimes it’s after we’re cut off on […]

Exclusive excerpt from THE ESCAPE by Shoshanna Evers!

The Escape © 2014 Shoshanna Evers  Barker couldn’t tear his eyes away from her full breasts, naked and so beautiful. It had been too long. God, how he wanted to wrap her in his arms and forget everything, for just one night. No. Don’t do it. You can’t do it. “Put your shirt on, Jenna.” […]

Guest Post: Molly Harper, author of HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF!

The other day, I was telling my mom about a story I’m working on, which is set in Half-Moon Hollow.  I was trying to explain the plot to her and the following conversation happened: Me: Remember, Gigi?  Iris’s little sister, the lady who ran the vampire concierge service? Mom: I thought her name was Miranda. […]

STEALING FROM MYSELF (A guest post by WHAT NORA KNEW author Linda Yellin!)

I’ve always admired writers who create stories that they clearly made up. We all know they were never Civil War soldiers, never traveled to the rings of Saturn. Chances are sexy pirates haven’t been ripping their bodices lately. They have to use their…what do you call that thing?…oh, yes, their imaginations. Or at the very […]

Be Weirder: Delilah Dawson’s New Year’s Resolution

I’m not big on resolutions, mainly because I’m married to a psychologist and know how much physical, mental, and emotional work goes into making any difficult change. If exercising, dieting, or becoming a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist were easy, I’d already be doing it, right? But this year, I have one small change that’s been […]

Getting real with author JM Darhower!

 SEMPRE: REDEMPTION is the enthralling next chapter in JM Darhower’s bestselling SEMPRE series.  Swearing allegiance to the Mafia in order to save Haven Antonelli—the girl he loves—forces Carmine DeMarco to make the ultimate sacrifice. Sent to Chicago to work for La Cosa Nostra, he refuses to place Haven in harm’s way by taking her with […]

Why J.A. Jance Loves Series Characters

As part of XOXO After Dark’s Thriller Week, we’re delighted to welcome New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance to our pages! J.A. Jance is the author of dozens of bestselling suspense novels, including the Joanna Brady series, the J.P. Beaumont series, and the Ali Reynolds series. So obviously, she’s the perfect author to talk […]

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