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Karen Robards’ Frightening Research

Author Karen Robards is here to tell us just how devoted she is to making the settings in her books as real (and frightening) as possible! *** I’m pretty sure we weren’t supposed to be there. I was out doing research for HUNTED with the help of a college friend who lives in New Orleans […]

Jennifer Echols on Romance, Music, and Writing

Author Jennifer Echols talks romance, music, and her writerly aspirations in today’s guest post! *** I envy novelists with previous professions they can mine for great plots. Doctor. Lawyer. Police officer. I can’t picture five-foot-two me walking a beat and taking down perps, but I know a romance author shorter than me who’s done it […]

Teresa Mummert talks going from indie to traditional

New York Times bestselling author Teresa Mummert dishes on her transition from the wild world of self-publishing to the realm of the traditional (but still sort of wild!) in this exclusive post. The last book in Teresa’s New Adult trilogy, A Song For Us, releases on 4/22! Like most writers, when I self-published my first […]

Is there a Gossip Girl here?

Our sizzling erotica author Nicole Camden has some spicy secrets to spill… check out her post, below! The first installment in FETISH QUEEN, Nicole’s brand-new, hotter-than-hot e-serial, comes out 4/21! ______________________________________________________ Shhhh…I have a secret. Actually, I have a lot of secrets. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, some are not that secret anymore. Jeez, Twitter […]

He texted you what?!?

Social media creates a ton of confusion about whether or not a guy is into you. He Texted will clear up any mysteries about texting, friending, following, liking, LOLing and poking that come up in the iPhone era. Authors Carrie and Lisa and their stable of Brobassadors go through the most common and confusing romantic cyber […]

Is that bacon? I smell bacon…

Food masters Harley Morenstein and Josh Elkin are making sure no strip of bacon goes under appreciated. The hosts of Epicmealtime are back — this time with an “Ode to Bacon.” With more than 250 videos and over 6 million YouTube subscribers, Epicmealtime is the number one online cooking show. And that’s simply because they make your […]

The lovely Fern Michaels stops by to chat about writing her latest thrilling romance book, LATE BLOOMER!

When authors finish a book they normally take some time off before they move on to their next creative endeavor.  I do that, too.  But . . . when I finished Late Bloomer I could not do that for some reason.  First of all, the idea for the book came to me when I turned on the […]

Back to the Geekture! (A guest post by ATTACK THE GEEK author Michael R. Underwood!)

There’s a lot of my young adulthood in Attack the Geek. I practically lived in a game store in high school and college, and my primary descriptor during those years was Gamer Geek (my stats: Gamer 5, Geek 4—the other levels of Geek came later).   I wanted to bring that gaming culture element into […]

Jon Hamm is J.B. Bernstein in Million Dollar Arm!

We at XOXOAD are major Mad Men fans, and especially Jon Hamm fans! (Oh, Don Draper, you fascinating cad, you…) So not only are we excited for the season premiere, but we can get an extra slice of Hamm in the upcoming (May 16) release of Million Dollar Arm, a feature film about an down-on-his-luck baseball scout […]

Carrie Lofty: Loving Life, Both Then and Now

Last Wednesday, I learned that my alter-ego, Lindsey Piper, was nominated for a RITA for the paranormal romance Caged Warrior. When writing my first paranormal, I was in between historical romance projects when, apparently, my mind wandered. Although some fantastic authors can make their living writing what setting and genre they love for years and […]

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