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The Accidental Romance Writer: Julie Hilden on Inspiration

Author Julie Hilden dishes on how she got her start in the romance world, and the real-life inspiration behind her spicy books! I became a romance writer almost accidentally, when I heard a true story that I thought could be the basis for a very interesting novel.  There was a college hockey player, handsome and […]

After ‘I Do’: Jennifer Probst on Marriage

Jennifer Probst is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marriage to a Billionaire series–the final installment to the series, The Marriage Merger, is on sale now! Below, Jennifer dishes on how marriage features in her books, as well as on her own real-life Prince Charming.  On Marriage… I’ve always been […]

The Inspiration Behind the First Ever “Skinny Bitch” Novel!

Kim Barnouin, the New York Times bestselling author of the insanely popular Skinny Bitch cookbooks, gives us the skinny on her inspiration behind her debut novel, Skinny Bitch in Love
 (out now!): In June of 2011 I was on vacation in La Jolla, California with my son and my mom. As my mom and I sat on […]

Why It Took Me Ten Years to Write THE FETISH BOX

Erotica author Nicole Camden chats with XOXO about why it took her a decade to write her huge hit THE FETISH BOX, available now from Pocket Star! The Fetish Box was an actual fetish store near Hollywood, Florida. It’s out of business now, but I saw it when I lived there for a year trying to convert […]

Lindsey Piper: What Brings Out Her Inner Warrior!

We sat down with Lindsey Piper, author of the new Dragon Kings series, for some girl talk on everything from book inspiration to favorite chocolate! Lindsey’s book CAGED WARRIOR, the first installment in the Dragon Kings series, was released on June 25th.  1. What was your inspiration behind the “Dragon Kings” series? I loved the […]


Jennifer Echols is an award-winning author of teen, adult romance, and new adult novels–a fan favorite across multiple genres. To help celebrate the publication of her latest teen novel, DIRTY LITTLE SECRET (on sale July 16th–preorder now!) as well as the red hot ebook sale that’s running until July 7th, Jennifer let us pick her […]

Getting Away with Murder: Questions for Laura Griffin

 Laura Griffin is the New York Times bestselling author of the Tracers series, a collection of romantic suspense novels known for their skillful blending of action and forensic detail with passionate love stories. To help celebrate the publication of her newest Tracers novel, EXPOSED (on sale now!), Laura sat down with us to answer a […]

Cheating with TV

When it comes to TV, New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries has a dirty little secret. Check out her answer below when asked if she watches any shows without wanting to read the books. (GASP! I know.) “I didn’t read the books.” Yes, it’s a terrible thing for a writer to admit, but I didn’t read […]

Le Bastard Beautiful (blame Google Translator if that’s wrong)…

Making the XOXO Team only slightly massively jealous, Christina and Lauren (aka Christina Lauren) had the opportunity to travel with their husbands to Paris this past May to promote the launch of Hugo & Roman’s French edition of Beautiful Bastard. You may recall, Bennett spent some time there before he met Chloe, but he didn’t take pictures […]

Live Chat with Alison Gaylin 6/29 @3 P.M. EST

Tune in here on Saturday, June 29 at 3:00 p.m. EST for a free Spreecast video event with Alison Gaylin, author of the YA EBook Reality Ends Here! Alison will be chatting with YOU about her book and life as an author. You can either just listen and follow along or ask Alison your own questions. […]

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