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XOXO After Dark generally focuses on romance, urban fantasy and women’s fiction, but we love the opportunity to share other books and authors that we think will appeal to our readers. WEEKENDS WITH DAISY is one such book–this memoir, by Sharron Kahn Luttrell, chronicles her year as a weekend puppy raiser, co-training a service dog […]


XOXO After Dark is delighted to host two amazing romantic suspense authors today! NYT bestselling authors Laura Griffin and Allison Brennan have been writer-friends for years, and below, tell us a little bit about romantic suspense, the writer’s life, and their brand-new joint project, CRASH AND BURN. Welcome, Laura and Allison! XOXO After Dark: What […]

Roundtable w/YA Phenoms Maya Sloan, Chelsea Pitcher & Jen Echols!

Back to school doesn’t have to mean back to boring… At least on XOXO! In honor of Back to School Week, we’ve cooked up something fun and fresh to help you fight the summer’s-done-dread: a tell-all YA Author Roundtable with Maya Sloan, Chelsea Pitcher, and Jen Echols! Join us here this afternoon for a live […]

When a Kiss isn’t Just a Kiss by Beth Vogt

“ … I can forget my very existence in a deep kiss of you.” ~Byron Caldwell Smith (1849-1877) KU Greek professor, letter to Kate Stephens I still remember the first time my husband, Rob, kissed me. I was all of twenty years old. It was summer—June, to be exact. Humid, with a touch of honeysuckle […]

diving into an alpha male psyche

Marata Eros had to dive headfirst into the dark, brooding, and extremely alpha head-space of Cas (the hero of A TERRIBLE LOVE) in order to write A BRUTAL TENDERNESS from his point of view. How’d she pull it off? Marata reveals the secret to finding her “alpha male voice” exclusively on XOXO After Dark!   It seems […]

Meet Your New #BookBoyfriend

A BRUTAL TENDERNESS, the latest new adult novel from New York Times bestselling author MARATA EROS, hits e-Readers today! This dark and sexy novel (a companion novel to A TERRIBLE LOVE) is told from the perspective of alpha hero Blaine “Cas” Steel, so to celebrate the launch of this new novel, Cas was kind enough […]

Defying Genres and Gender Stereotypes . . . for the Win!

by Gina X. Grant / Storm Grant FEW ARE CHOSEN is a humorous, young adult, multi-cultural, LGBT, paranormal, character study with a strong romantic subplot. All in less than 15,000 words! Sound like an eclectic genre mash-up? It is! But it works. Works so well that it just won “Best YA Short Story of 2012” […]

Deathmage & Co.

One of the most interesting characters to write in Disenchanted & Co., my new steampunk urban fantasy novel series for Pocket Star, has been Lord Lucien Dredmore.  A master of the dark arts with a mysterious past and a terrifying reputation, Dredmore is a deathmage, which in my universe is a kind of legal magical […]

The Reactions I Get When People Discover I Write Erotica

XOXO After Dark is pleased to welcome author Shoshanna Evers for our final post of Erotica Week! If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at ENSLAVED, currently available in our Free Reads section…and if that gets your heart racing, we’ve got links to some of Shoshanna’s other books at the bottom of this […]

Enhancing the Senses While Writing (and Reading) with Mina Vaughn

Mina Vaughn, author of the sizzling How to Discipline Your Vampire, dishes on getting into the art of writing with all five senses…and the guilty pleasures that bring out her, um, creative side. Chocolate melting on your tongue. The whiff of a cologne that ignites a firestorm of memories. Satin’s touch against your fingertips. As […]

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