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Picture the sleepy town of Peachtree Bluff, Georgia. The waterfront views are relaxing, the southern climate balmy…could there be a more peaceful place on earth? Absolutely, once the Murphy girls roll back into town! Kristy Woodson Harvey launches her brand-new Peachtree Bluff series with SLIGHTLY SOUTH OF SIMPLE, and to celebrate, we’re holding a sweeps!

One lucky winner will receive a copy of Kristy’s book and this lovely Salvatore Ferragamo Darina Bag!




Just answer the following question in the comments for a chance to win: Who is your favorite TV family?

Sweepstakes ends Friday, April 21st. For official rules and terms & conditions, please click here.


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Slightly South of Simple

Slightly South of Simple

Kristy Woodson Harvey

From the next “major voice in Southern fiction” (New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand) comes the first in an all-new series chronicling the journeys of three sisters and their mother—and a secret from their past that has the potential to tear them apart and reshape their very definition of what it means to be a family. Exploring the powerful bonds between sisters and mothers and daughters, this engaging novel is filled with Southern charm, emotional drama, and plenty of heart.



226 comments so far

  1. My favorite TV family is the Bravermans from Parenthood!

  2. shellym822

    My favorite TV family are the Winchester’s in Supernatural ☺

  3. family from Modern Family

  4. suz4au0608

    Hmm…my favorite tv family is probably Gibbs and his NCIS work family. Sometimes family ends up being the people around you that have your back.

  5. Thenovellife

    Though it’s an older show, Brothers & Sisters will be my forever favorite family. With a mom like sally field, how could it not be! 😉 Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    • I am with you Brothers and Sisters will always be my favorite but This Is Us is really in the running 😊😊😊

  6. My favorite tv family is every last member of Modern Family. I love them,

  7. Judith Barnes

    The family on “Madam Secretary”. Elizabeth McCord is a great wife and mom. Not to mention being a killer Secretary of State.

  8. Bookish.Mama13

    I’m currently loving the Gallaghers from Shameless, also love the Gilmore Girls, and the Adams-Fosters of the Fosters!

  9. My favorite TV family is the Waltons.

  10. anniemae20

    My favorite tv family is The Goldbergs. They are hilarious and a hot mess…just like my family.

  11. Nkarcher

    The Dunphy Family (Modern Family)

  12. The Seevers from Growing Pains are definitely a favorite!

  13. Pnwbookworm

    Definitely the Gilmore Girls!

  14. buckeyekel

    My favorite tv family is The Brady Bunch! I guess it shows my age!👍🏻

  15. The McCords from Madam Secretary are my faves!

  16. Hmmm I’d say the Braverman family from Parenthood…love that show.

  17. gennywren

    Really going to show my age here: the Keaton family on Family Ties… had such a crush on Michael J Fox!

  18. christa allan

    The Raymond show family

  19. Michelle2077

    My favorite tv family is probably the Bundy’s from Married With Children. It’s an oldie, but Peg and Al are still hilarious!

  20. Andy Griffith family 🙂

  21. I would have to agree with suz4au0608, NCIS is the one for me.

  22. Gurlyjeanne

    The family from Heartland. They have amazing family values.

  23. The family guy!

  24. Adelaine

    My favorite tv family is the Kirkmans from Designated Survivor!

  25. The family from “The Middle’

  26. THE SIMPSONS! Hands down! Let me feel okay about my own crazy, disfunctional family growing up 🙂

  27. bookbunny68

    The ones that make me laugh the most – The Middle. Also Modern Family has great family dynamics.

  28. Lori_Ann3

    My favorite TV family is the family on Gilmore Girls.


    Definitely the Lannisters and Starks from Game of Thrones! 🙂

  30. 2readorNOT

    Favorite TV family….Peg and Al Bundy and kids from Married with Children. An oldie, but a goodie!

  31. barbc824

    I loved the Braverman family from Parenthood, was so sorry when it went off the air.

  32. clane0743

    The HGTV fixer upper family of Chip and Joanna Gaines. The couple and their kids are adorable.

  33. I suppose it would be Bones and Booth of Bones.

  34. JazzyTJan

    I always enjoyed watching the Huckables from The Cosby Show. Now my show is This Is Us. That family is amazing.

  35. Son’s of Anarky

  36. My favorite TV family are “The Hecks” from The Middle.

  37. ClickClick

    My favorite TV family is Reba Hart’s family on the “Reba” show.

  38. BethM1974

    My favorite is the Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie! Loved those books and show!!

  39. “Trouble with Father” (AKA The Stu Erwin Show

  40. Wow first thanks for the fab contest
    Hmmm my favorite TV family are The Bunkers 😉

  41. The Winslows were my favorite family.

  42. the Dunfeys (sp) from Modern Family

  43. eswright18

    My favorite is the Winchester brothers from Supernatural.

  44. rwalbridge

    The family in Fresh Prince is my favorite.

  45. connie527

    The Underwoods

  46. becker3030

    Rosanne “The Connors” miss that show watch lots of reruns

  47. The Tm Allen family is great

  48. BookDivaReads

    I’m going old-school with Andy & Opie Taylor along with Aunt Bee from The Andy Griffith Show.

  49. fluffy417

    The Dunphy clan on Modern Family.

  50. modern family

  51. kimmielala

    The Goldbergs keep tough issues light and always bring it back to who cares about you the most – your family!

  52. ruthing73

    The Waltons, even now and I have so many special memories watching them with my kids.

  53. The Tanner Family from Full House

  54. The Tanners from Full House

  55. leopolds

    This is us

  56. bombi9923

    My favorite tv family is the Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie.

  57. Corgimom

    Family Affair…who wouldn’t want to have a wonderful handsome Uncle in New York with a butler.

  58. keizerfire

    Lately it is the Jetsons. 😉

  59. Countrysunrise

    I hope this counts, since I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I would have to say the group from the Big Bang Theory!!

  60. My favorite tv family is the Reagans from Blue Bloods.

  61. My favorite TV family would be the Conners in Roseanne. Slightly dysfunctional yet you always felt the love they had for each other!

  62. humprider

    The Dunphy’s are hilarious.

  63. ssmoussalli

    love the Modern Family


    The Bundys

  65. cheriebradley

    The Waltons

  66. Mhenaghen

    I love the McCords from Madame Secretary. They deal with real life family issues in a realistic and serious way.

  67. My all time favorite tv family is The Walton’s! It reminds me of my own family growing up. I still watch it occasionally!

  68. LABeachGal

    I like the Flintstones!


    Ricardo family! I Love Lucy!

  70. kerrigans

    I loved Brothers and Sisters. I loved Sally Field as the mom and they had the most awesome house!

  71. The family from Roseanne lol. I’ve been watching reruns!

  72. jlsveenstra

    The Braverman’s from Parenthood loved that family!!!

  73. redheadb5

    My favorite is the family of Ragnar Lothbrok on History Channel’s Vikings. This show is addictive!!

  74. tazwmn69

    The Gilmores from Gilmore Girls!

  75. gincam44

    My favorite TV families were those from the great westerns that my own family always watched together. Bonanza–patriarchal, and The Big Valley–matriarchal, are two standouts. From more modern times, I dearly love Frasier. The Crane men, father Martin and sons Frasier and Niles, had their differences–in more ways than one. However, the father loved his sons and was proud of them, and, in their own way, the boys worshiped their dad.

  76. gramma2u

    I love Modern Family’s family

  77. WordGirlLD

    The Belchers. I love Bob’s Burgers.

  78. mjreynolds32

    The Crawley family from Downton Abby. They may be dysfunctional but I love them and their staff of colorful characters.

  79. loveydovey

    My favorite tv family is the family from 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter…they were crazy lol

  80. The Ingalls family from Little House on the Prairie.

  81. vhancock

    The Keaton’s from Family Ties!!

  82. My favorite TV family is the moms from Mom

  83. Julie Solorio

    My favorite tv family is the blended family of Grace and Frankie, Saul and Robert. Love all of them!

  84. joliemisek

    The Bundys – Married with Children

  85. I love the Heck family from The Middle and The Otto family from American Housewife!

  86. socialjsmith

    My favorite TV family would be the family of aliens from “Halfway Across the Galaxy and Turn Left,” because they had a good attitude despite being chased by the alien authorities.

  87. calabria52

    I love all the families on Gilmore Girls

  88. murphykatt

    definitely the Simpsons

  89. My favorite TV family is on BBC’s Sherlock. They may not all be blood related, but that just makes the connections even more heartening. The relationships in that show have touched me more than any other.

  90. elmcarter

    My Favorite TV Family are the Tanners in Full House

  91. ttoddrum


  92. strigoivii

    The Addams Family, yeah they’re weird but they adore each other. One of the most loving families ever on tv.

  93. The Crawleys of Downton Abbey

  94. I love the Gilmore Girls.

  95. savannahsue1

    This is Us!!! Love, love, love them.

  96. merry2day

    It’s close. I love the Modern Family families but I have come to appreciate the Hecks (The Middle)

  97. My favorite tv family is the Bundys from Married with Children

  98. Gilmore Girls it is

  99. My favorite TV family is the Hecks from The Middle. They are so down to earth.

  100. AmandaH27

    My favorite TV Family is The Middle – I mean we both share the same last name – HECK!!!

  101. libra108

    I don’t have a favorite family but to answer this question I would choose the Simpsons

  102. buffster76

    The Martin family from Lassie

  103. My favorite family was Ozzie and Harriet.

  104. The Addams family

  105. amanda8760

    Everbody loves Raymond, they are all so funny.

  106. Susan0138

    My favorite family are The Chrisley’s

  107. bjcsimpson

    My favorite family is the Granthams from Downton Abbey.

  108. My favorite TV Family, is Blue Bloods, I love to watch their Sunday dinners together.

  109. sharvass

    The family from “This is Us”❤️

  110. I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and their family on Fixer Upper.

  111. clhale82

    My favorite tv family is the Winchesters from Supernatural.

  112. taxichick

    My favorite TV family is the Goldbergs.

  113. The Holmes or Ricardos

  114. jmpavelka1

    the goldbergs, they are so funny!

  115. Ccoulombe

    My favorite TV family show is The Mick. Talk about funny!

  116. DarleneW

    The Walton Family

  117. cherimadison

    I’m another vote for NCIS–and here I thought I’d be unique voting for a nontraditional “family.”

  118. Beccadell1

    The Pearsons. Love the BIG 3.

  119. kmvinson

    My favorite TV family is The Bundy family from Married with Children! 🙂

  120. My all time favorite, corny TV family is The Brady Bunch, who else!

  121. Love all the ‘family’ on Will & Grace!

  122. deafdiva

    The Full House family and also the Fuller House

  123. TheGreedyReader

    They were not a family in the strictest sense of the word but I adored the Friends ensemble. They showed a care of one another that was as close to familial as one can get.

  124. Tictactoe

    You didn’t specify that it had to be a current TV series, so my response is the original The Addams Family from the early 1960s.

  125. KShadeslady

    The Keaton’s from Family Ties and The Gilmore Girls.

  126. mgkamish

    The McCords of Madame Secretary.

  127. bandbabe

    My favorite TV Family is from Everybody Loves Raymond

  128. teralee06

    My favorite tv family is the Mars family off of Veronica Mars. Love their banter!

  129. CathyMouse

    The Waltons, I loved all of them. I wanted to move to the mountains of Virginia!

  130. My favorite TV family are the Andersen’s from Father Knows Best

  131. I love Georgia ‘George’ Lass, her live family and her dead family from “Dead Like Me”.

  132. rudycwright

    The Bartletts, from The West Wing.

  133. techno777

    My favorite TV family is Lucy, Ricky and little Ricky Riccardo

  134. My favorite TV family is the Dunphys from Modern Family.

  135. The Waltons.

  136. mirandasummerset

    fave tv family is the Hecks from The Middle! they are so crazy but so so relatable!

  137. momof3boysj

    We enjoy the Heck family from THE MIDDLE and the Dunphy family from MODERN FAMILY. And THE GOLDBERGS.

  138. gretagarbo

    The Goldbergs

  139. They are not technically a family, but they care for each other like they are…the NCIS crew.

  140. missmaria

    The Pearsons from This Is Us is my current favorite TV family. They’re all so relatable!

  141. switched at birth is my favorite tv blended family!

  142. countriladi

    My favorite family is the The Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie & the Walton’s

  143. nevans72

    My favorite TV family is Married With Children!

  144. I’d have to say the Gilmores.

  145. The Pearson family from This Is Us!

  146. AldenRed

    I love the Taylor’s from Friday Night Lights! Coach and Tammy have one of the strongest TV marriages I have ever seen (Plus Kyle Chandler hasn’t aged in 20 years, I swear).

  147. pattygangl

    My favorite TV family is the Bravermans from Parenthood!

  148. Years ago it would have been Rob & Laura Petrie. Now it’s the McCord’s from Madame Secretary. Even their kids seem real!

  149. smfsprout

    Love the Barrone’s from Everybody Loves Raymond.

  150. Diane Sallans

    The gang from The Big Bang Theory are a family thru marriage and friendship – together thru many connections even with aggravation.

  151. My favorite tv family will always be the Waltons. They lived a simple life and protected each other as family should do. So missing this these days.

  152. Mine is the Simpsons. That’s probably all you need to know about my family. LOL

  153. Texas Book Lover

    I love the gang from Modern Family!

  154. The family in The United States of Tara.

  155. drsockbeson

    on air now, This is Us. In the past, the Bravermans from Parenthood

  156. The McCords from Madam Secretary mostly because the parents aren’t perfect and allow the kids to be individuals

  157. Tjackson41

    The Connors. Reminds me of my family. Lol

  158. Fresh Off The Boat’s Huang family.

  159. roseyriv

    Love the Pearson’s from This is us! Favorite TV Family

  160. decadents1

    little house on the prairie-the ingalls

  161. jstieg777

    The Connors in Roseanne

  162. My favorite TV family is the Griffin family from Family Guy.

  163. The Heck family, from The Middle.

  164. meglizous

    Lorelei and Rory Gilmore!

  165. Carries family from Homeland.

  166. My favorite TV family was on Switched at Birth.

  167. Love, love, love the Rose family of Schitt’s Creek!

  168. The Hecks (“The Middle”) are the best sitcom family on tv !!

  169. I love the Dunfree’s on Modern Family.

  170. MamaGot6

    The DiMeo family in Speechless.

  171. angelbun

    The whole Modern Family family are my favorite.

  172. Fran1261

    The Rugrats best TV family. My kids and i used to watch together.

  173. I have a soft spot for the Gilmores!!

  174. My favorite TV family is the Lawrence Family from the show “Family”. I was very young when it began in 1976 (arrgh, o.k. so I’m long in the tooth). I loved the show because it covered real life family issues such as: divorce, domestic violence, sibling rivalries, loss of a child, addictions, premarital sex, dating, abortion, and depression. O.K , so maybe some of the shows were bummers, BUT I can say the show really gave me food for thought, at my “young and tender” age. I’m a real Southerner; now living on the West coast. But, once a Southerner, always a Southerner, and proud of it. I’m in process of writing a book about my own family, which was NOTHING like the Lawrences’. From my Big Mama all the way down to me, we love to laugh, and have fun. So, my book is in the humor/comedy genre. I may have to write 2 books to cover it all. I love most of the “families” posted by everyone!

  175. Penguins106

    The Simpsons

  176. Breebreebree84

    My favorite family always and forever will be The Banks from The Fresh Prince Of BelAir! I could def relate being that wills family was so uptight and he was like the black sheep goofball. I’m def a will Smith minus the testicles.

  177. Movecmove

    My favorite TV family is home improvements the Taylors

  178. agayleneg

    I like the good wholesome shows. You can’t beat theAndy Griffin Show.

  179. The Winchesters from Supernatural!

  180. elizabeth.tankard

    My favorite TV family definitely has to be the Gilmores and the entire town of Stars Hollow! <3

  181. Dictionary101

    Growing up, my favorite family was the “Brady Bunch”; now it’s the convoluted, chain of families in “Mistresses”. My troubles are non-existent compared to what they go through.

  182. eyanowiak

    Favorite tv family? Oh, The Keatons from Family Ties!

  183. The Cleavers

  184. Katejane79

    Sam and Dean Winchester Supernatural

  185. autumnnh

    The Goldbergs!

  186. The. Waltons

  187. My favorite TV family is the Ricardo’s from I Love Lucy

  188. theresan

    Meredith Grey and her sisters from Grey’s anatomy.

  189. redheadedjen

    The Queens on the Arrow

  190. Sunny111

    The Durells in Corfu

  191. My favorite TV Family is the Michaelson’s from the Originals

  192. lanalucy

    If they don’t have to be blood family, my favorite TV family is the Scoobies on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If they have to be blood family, my newest favorite family is the Earps on Wynnona Earp. 😀

  193. davincilover

    I love the Stark family on Game of Thrones.

  194. patcat47

    My favorite TV family would be the family from This Is Us.

  195. bevieann61

    My favorite TV family was the Bunker’s from all in the family! I loved Edith!

  196. kendrapt

    The Gilmorefamily, Lorelei and Rory

  197. My favorite TV family is the Hecks from “The Middle”

  198. pamster53

    The family from the tv show, “Grindl”.

  199. My favorite TV family is the Waltons.

  200. margaretl2010

    Barkley family from The Big Valley  tv show

  201. kimberlybreid

    Family Stark from Game of Thrones is my favorite!

  202. wildflower00

    The Tanners from Full house

  203. GRgenius

    Gilmore Girls! Loved the show and this duo!

  204. Emt20927

    The Heck family from “The Middle”

  205. Ashley0718

    two and a half men! <3

  206. It’s gotta be Gilmore’s from Gilmore Girls. <3

  207. robertsonreads

    From The Blacklist, Red Reddington, his daughter Liz Keen and husband Tom. Love the father and daughter dynamics….

  208. Always liked the humor of Archie Bunker in All In The Family.

  209. Doodlemom

    The Kirwood Family of Designated Survivor. It’s hard to accept but sometimes you have to give up what you want to help another person or other people.

  210. My favorite TV family are the gang from BIG BANG!

  211. As a child of the 80s I have to go with the Cosby family.

  212. Darrin, Samantha, and Tabitha Stevens. And Endora, of course! #bewitched

  213. teddypumpkin

    The gang on Modern Family 🙂

  214. HotHoney

    Married with Children – basically cause it’s full of laughs even today!

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