St. Patrick’s Poll: Who’s the Sexiest Irishman?

What’s our favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day? Definitely not the green beer. It’s the excuse to trawl the interweb for pics of the hottest Irish guys we can find! And because XOXOAD cares about you, lovely reader, we’ve assembled them into the sexiest poll we could build. Which one will take home the pot of gold that is your heart?


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  1. I think it’s only obvious who is the sexiest! I mean, look at JD!

  2. This is a ridiculously difficult choice. Do I have to pick one???

  3. Whoopedbutt

    My vote is not just based on looks…. Even though I must admit I love a great arse and muscular thighs…😍

  4. It’s taken me days to pick one!

  5. It’s so hard to choose just one!!!

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